Do we need to reevaluate the trousers again?

I just came across this image on Tumblr. Now I’m starting to think the trousers really might have been leather. They certainly don’t look like denim (or I guess it could be shiny denim). So, tell me your thoughts. What material?

Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis on the Aria Awards Red Carpet. Photo from Akari01's Tumblr.

Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis on the Aria Awards Red Carpet. Photo from Akari01’s Tumblr.

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26 thoughts on “Do we need to reevaluate the trousers again?

  1. Mezz

    I’m certainly no fashionista, but I believe Richard’s jeans are of waxed denim, a process that makes the fabric shiny.
    Image here:
    I’m not fussed with the style, preferring ordinary dark denim, and they’re probably something I wouldn’t expect to see a man of Richard’s age wearing, but I have to admit that he looks good!

    • Mezz

      BTW did you happen to click on the high res pic over at Tumblr, Jas? *GULP*

      • I didn’t see that! I’ll have to check it out, but I really need to go to bed. So it may have to wait until the morning.

      • Snoozie

        Um, I just looked at the high res, Mezz, and boy are you right! *GULP* And the look on his face is like he’s saying, “Like my trousers Ladies?” 😉

      • Oh. My. Word. I got to see the high res pic this morning! *swoon, thud and blush*

    • The waxed denim makes sense. It’s just so hard to tell from photographs. I prefer the dark denim as well, but I guess he’s trying to mix it up. And he does look really good. As if that’s hard. 😉

  2. Snoozie

    I think you’re right Mezz, although I am not a fashionista either. Either way, he looks really good in those “trousers”. I’m not sure I like the top with the collar out (I think he tucked the collar in during the presentation). But I’m loving seeing him in all these styles!

    • Snoozie, I think he looks good in the trousers too, although I’ve seen quite a few comments about people not caring for them. As for the top, it just seems out of place with the pants. But the man could wear a sack cloth and still be his handsome self. 🙂

  3. Teuchter

    Can I just say that I don’t care what the heck they’re made of, leather, waxed denim or whatever!! 😉 He looks positively scrumptious! If you girls don’t like the way he looks here, I’ll take him, just the way he is!!!! 😀 A definite *GUH* moment for me!

    • Teuchter, I see what you’re doing here…trying to get the man all to yourself! 😉 I don’t really care either way what the trousers are made of, but my inquisitive side is curious.

      • Teuchter

        Well it was worth a try jas!! 😉

        Seriously though, it is Richard we are talking about here! TBH, the more I think about the subject the more uncomfortable I become with regards to the criticism. Is it REALLY any of our business what he wears? He has as much right to choose his clothes as we have and if he feels good in them surely that is all that matters when you come down to it. I think we need to let the poor man be.

        However, let me say that while each and every one of you has the right to his or her opinion, I’d hate to be in the limelight like he is and have everything I wore talked about, assessed and judged! Poor guy!

        • It was worth a try, although no way was it going to work! 🙂

          I understand your reservations about criticism of his clothing choices. Unfortunately though, I think that’s just part of the nature of his chosen profession. Were he just out on the street with paparazzi taking his picture, I would totally agree with you about it not being any of our business.

          However, this picture comes from a red carpet event, where he knew he would be photographed and interviewed, and then later seen on live TV. There should probably be an expectation that people are going to discuss what he wears. We live in a culture that loves things like the Fashion Police on E.

          More than other fans critiquing his style choices, I dread the day he ends up on Fashion Police being critiqued by people who only care about the clothes.

          For that reason, I hope he listens to his stylist and that she manages to pick out clothes that suit who he is as a person, are in style and flatter his body.

          • Teuchter

            And what a body!! 😉 Lucky stylist to have such a wonderful subject to work on! *sigh* I do love to see him dressed in things that enhance his physique! 🙂

  4. Noemí

    I think is definitely leather, but I’m with Teuchter, it doesn’t matter, our man looks good on anything he decides to wear, even better if he doesn’t wear anything at all… *can’t believe I said that!* *off to the naughty corner*

  5. Sorry, ladies. I adore Richard but this outfit is a major disaster. When I first saw him on stage in the video that was posted , he looked fantastic because: a) You couldn’t see the materials/textures of his clothes, just a streamlined dark look and, b) You couldn’t see his shoes.

    So, it came as a complete shock to see these pictures and notice that: a) His pants needed to be about two inches longer; not only did they make his hips look wider, his legs seemed shorter!, b) The style and fabric of the polo shirt screamed “middle-aged suburban dad”, not “movie star” and, c) Those leather sneakers were atrociously fugly (pardon my French!). Oh, and before any of you start slamming me, I grew up in a household that had two seamstresses (my mother and her aunt), always wore tailor made clothes, and my mother taught me how to shop for fabrics and notions since I was a little girl. Therefore, I know about fashion.

    I am not saying that Richard looked ugly – he is too handsome for that ever to happen, but that outfit was a disgrace. It aged him and, frankly, it made him look like one of those boring businessmen who are always playing golf and having lunches at the local Country Club. I am going to think long and hard about how to convey this message to his new stylist without offending her. He cannot go out on the red carpet looking that drab EVER again. NEVER!!! Not if he wants to be a Hollywood heartthrob. The competition is too stiff, and talent isn’t enough anymore. Half of making the A-list is about image.

    P.S.: You know I love you, Richard. Please burn the polo shirt and shoes in a special ceremony, donate the pants to a shorter man, and get yourself a pair of Pants of Seduction like we know you can wear – go ahead and channel Gisborne, PLEASE!!! Thank you. *off my soapbox now*

    • Jane

      I take this over Gisborne any day. I HATE the Guy look.

      • Jane, I do not want Richard to dress in costume as Guy; that would be completely ridiculous and inappropriate. I meant to say that Guy’s leather pants fit Richard perfectly and were very seductive. If Richard want to wear leather pants in public, they should not be shiny and they need to fit him. The pair he wore was not flattering to his hips or legs, and it was too short.

      • *Gasp* Really, you hate the Guy look. I love looking at him in that snug leather.

    • Mujer, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? 😉 Seriously though, I appreciate your analysis. And I don’t think anyone will be slamming you. We’re all entitled to our opinions. The only part of the outfit I really don’t care for is the polo shirt. With a pair of regular jeans, it would be fine, but not with whatever those pants are. I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually really like the sneakers. As far as his stylist goes, this looks like something he probably through together himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if these weren’t her choices…but I could be wrong.

  6. bollyknickers

    I think they are the jeans he wore to Zealandia – they just look more shiny because of the flash bulbs. My daughter has something she calls ‘jeggings’ – they are stretchy leggings/ jeans made of waxed cotton. The way RA’s jeans (cough) hug his contours makes me suspect they are the same fabric.

    • I wish there was someone who could confirm what they are for sure. It isn’t really important, but I’d still like to know.

  7. obscura

    I would never argue with hugging contours 🙂 However…despite being en vogue, I’m not sure that the super skinny silhouette is the best look for him. I do like the look on his face – it is like he is daring us to go apes@#t!

    On a side note, there’s Martin Freeman wearing my Grandpa’s tasseled loafers again 🙂

    • His thighs don’t really seem right for skinny jeans. Most people you see wearing them are scrawny and as we’re all well aware, there isn’t anything scrawny about RA’s thighs! 😉 I know a lot of people dislike Martin’s style, but I love it. It is so quirky and decidedly Martin, if that makes sense. Oh, and Obscura, could you please find reasons to use apes@#t more often. I quite like that word. 😉

      • obscura

        I don’t mind quirky at all…I quite like the retro “greaser” look that Andy Serkis is sporting. There is just something about those shoes….:) I will work on finding new and original contexts for ape$%t. 😉

        • I’ll have to give the shoes a closer look. 🙂 *Puts mind to work on usages for ape$%&t.* 😉

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