Ignore me. I’m just trying to cheer myself up after receiving some heartbreaking news a few minutes ago. A slideshow of a dapper looking Richard that I could watch on a repeating loop seemed like a good idea.

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  1. Hugs Jas, for your upsetting news and thanks for the slideshow.

  2. *hugs* Jas.:(

  3. Teuchter

    Oh Jas, I’m so sorry to hear you have received bad news. Whatever may have happened please know that loving thoughts and prayers go out to you. May these pictures of Richard be of help as he has been for so many of us in the past. They do wonders for me just looking at them. He lifts my spirits like no-one else can.

  4. Leigh

    More **hugs** Whatever the heartbreak, know that you don’t have to bear it alone. We’re as close as your computer. I hope the pictures of Richard cheer you. As Teuchter says, he lifts our spirits when no one else can.

  5. Servetus

    I’m sorry. I know there’s been a lot on your mind. theRApy is often a great consoler.

  6. Hughs from me as well. All the best wishes to you!

  7. Thank you ladies for all the kind words, thoughts, hugs and prayers. I really appreciate it.

  8. One more hug and prayers coming your way! Know that you are valuable to us and all you have to do is holler and we’ll be here to listen.

  9. bollyknickers

    Sorry you’re feeling sad Jas.

    Have a hug from me too.

  10. So sorry to hear you’ve had bad news.

    *hugs* from me too.

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