Lots of great pics from the Hobbit press conference!

We owe a big thank you to the journalists who live tweeted the Hobbit press conference–particularly Darren Bevan and Alice Tynan. They gave us great details and great images!

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Who is excited for the premiere? Only a few hours to go!!!

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22 thoughts on “Lots of great pics from the Hobbit press conference!

  1. Servetus

    Glimpse of the trousers suggests a relatively ample cut. Will be interesting to see more.

    • Snoozie

      I noticed the trousers too, Servetus.

    • If only we could see the whole of the trousers.

      • Servetus

        we will see more soon, and then by tomorrow morning someone will have posted a pic we can analyze. I love this fandom.

        • That’s true. I think Alice Tynan said something about a photocall after the press conference. So hopefully there will be quite a few more pics!

  2. Servetus

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    More pics, and I’d add my thanks to Mr. Bevan and Ms. Tynan.

  3. Thank you, everyone! 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    OK, so I missed the press conference. But these lovely folks got us wonderful pics! Enjoy … I know I am! Thank you Darren and Alice!

  5. Snoozie

    I am sooooo excited. Armed, ready and waiting with two laptops, a bottle of sauv blanc, and my IT husband on standby in case of any computer malfunctions! 😉 I am fortunate to have the perfect timeframe for me to follow the coverage, 6:50pm-10:00 PT. And thank you Darren and Alice, that was a treat to follow on twitter!

    • I think I may bust out another computer for the premiere as well. One to watch the streaming and one for chatting. You’ve got the ideal time frame for watching!

      • Servetus

        I’ve got two set up for various things. We’ll see how it goes. I’m really used to doing everything on one screen, and i’ve got one Mac and one PC, so it could get confusing …

        • I think if I try and watch it on my laptop and chat that the video will end up being pretty small. I want to see RA as large as possible! I’ve actually been contemplating hooking up to the TV, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to go that far.

          • Servetus

            that was my incentive — the PC screen is much bigger than the Mac laptop.

      • Obscura

        That is a great idea – I’m sitting alone in an office full of computers — booting up!

      • Obscura

        maybe I should boot all of them to different streams – that way if one crashes, I can just move over to the other one – It’s like NASA command in here 🙂

      • Obscura

        Tomorrow morning should be interesting – I’m not in the office, but I’ll have been the last boot on everyone’s computer 🙂 “I was busy grading – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

  6. g

    Thank you to everyone who has posted, or taken or shared such fabulous collection of everything RA in the last couple of days. You have my infinite gratitude.

    • I’m so grateful for all the coverage we’ve seen the last few days. It makes the experience so immersive and it is great to share it with other fans!

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