Gifs from the Hobbit Cast Interviews

How great is it when you wake up to Richard Armitage interviews!!! I’m late to the gif making party, but you know me, I’m a DIYer. I’m including the videos that the gifs come from. That way I can keep them all together.

I just love how much Richard chuckled during this interview. Clearly he has a great time being around Martin.

The hands! I adore how he talks with his hands, it is one of his most charming quirks.


It showed up better in the video, but I thought it was funny when Martin and Richard were both bobbing their heads.


More of the talking hands, I just cant’ resist!


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10 thoughts on “Gifs from the Hobbit Cast Interviews

  1. Mezz

    Thanks Jas! Richard’s laughter was the best part of interview #01. I don’t know who the Australian interviewer was as I don’t watch breakfast TV but I was embarassed, especially at the end when he said he knew it was against protocol but still asked for a photo anyway. I don’t think Martin was particularly impressed with him either. Richard Wilkins for Ch 9 in the second video is a much more polished interviewer.

    • Teuchter

      I too found the first interview rather pathetic. Why was the interviewer nattering on about stores that “girls love” instead of asking pertinent questions? I thought Martin was good in the way he brought the guy’s focus back to what it was supposed to be about. And *why* could the camera not have had all three guys in the same frame? Very poor IMO – especially when we could only see little bits of Richard’s right arm and/or chest and shoulder (however great they are). It just wasn’t enough for me. At times you couldn’t see Andy Serkis at all which I also thought was rude. It’s not like they had a roomful of people to focus on, for goodness sake! I have to say that when I couldn’t see all of Richard I found my eyes glued to the bits I could see and became quite mesmerized at how the flap on his shirt pocket went up and down as he breathed! *guh*

      He looks great in that shirt even though the aspect ratio was all wrong in the video. Love it when he has his sleeves rolled up so we see those amazing forearms! Bliss! πŸ˜‰ And of course it’s blue. πŸ™‚ Isn’t it endearing how he tucks his hand under his thigh? *sigh* Thank you for making the gifs. I’ve already spent hours looking at videos and pictures yesterday and today and now I have gifs! Bring it on! πŸ˜€

      • Mezz

        Oh! His hand tucked under his thigh! I couldn’t drag my eyes away from that lol!
        Ever since I watched the scene in Vicar of Dibley where Harry explains to Geraldine that Owen’s told the tax office he’s dead, I’ve been fascinated (along with everything else about him naturally) with the way he breathes. So you weren’t the only one watching that little flap move up and down! You can see his forearm hairs too…*sigh*

        • Teuchter

          I see we both have our priorities right. πŸ˜‰ Hand tucked under thigh – check – and hair on the forearms – check!! All’s right with the world. Oh dear I think it’s getting warm in here and in just over a couple of hours I may have problems breathing!! *swoon*

      • Mezz

        I think it was zan who asked where was the oxygen! I’m feeling quite giddy with anticipation myself!

    • I loved the hand tucked under the thigh too. That interviewer did seem really unprofessional. It is never good to start a sentence with, “I know it is against protocol…”

  2. Servetus

    Glad that you did this. I always imagine GIFsets as being the walls of Hogwarts, and these are two guys I’d love to have on my walls!

  3. Mezz

    I’ve had the TV on just in case later this morning and a Ch 9 show had a presentation with Richard Wilkins. It was a compilation of bits from both trailers, TV spots, and the interviews with Peter, Phillipa, Richard, Andy, Martin, Cate, Hugo and Elijah. Apart from a news spot of the Hobbit plane landing last night, it’s the first time I’ve seen publicity of any sort for the movie, but then, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I can’t remember if Richard spoke at all, too busy trying to record it, so will have to get back to it later!

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