Apparently there is a press conference going on.

He’s rocking another great shirt. And I love the vest and tie! For a more close up look:

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14 thoughts on “Apparently there is a press conference going on.

  1. Servetus

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    Grey check. I love this combination.

  2. Servetus

    Mmmm. Kill me now. He looks so mischievous.

  3. He looks gorgeous yet again.

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    And here’s Richard, looking sartorialy splendid and gloriously handsome once again. A star is definitely being born.

  5. See? He’s Gizzy reincarnate 🙂

  6. US I mean, us!!!

    • Yup, he’s killing us again! He just looks so great! Confident, comforable, he’s dressed impeccably…such a killer combo.

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    Dear heaven, where’s the oxygen?
    They all look like they’re up to something. Mischief is written all over their faces. Or, could it be that they are just really happy with the way the movie turned out? 😉

    • I’m passing you the oxygen mask! Let’s hope they’re really happy with how the film turned out, although I like the idea of them being mischievous. 😉

  8. Hand me some t=of that oxygen. I’m about to faint ❤

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