More Pics with the Hobbit Plane from The New Zealand Herald

You’ve probably already seen these by now. This batch is from the NZ Herald. I went through and just grabbed the ones with Richard in them.

Don’t you just love that smile!




I love how he’s got his arm around Sylvester McCoy and chatting with him. I know at least one person who will love to see some Sylvester!

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13 thoughts on “More Pics with the Hobbit Plane from The New Zealand Herald

  1. He does love putting his arm around people. 😀

    • Very true, he did that a lot in the fan pics in Detroit from this some as well. *Makes a mental note in case I ever meet him.*

      • Jas, I think this might be a common balancing trait for taller people – as they can awkwardly put themselves out of balance to get next to a shorter person’s ear. Just from a balance and stability standpoint, it just makes sense to put an arm around the other person in order to brace oneself from falling into them at such a precarious bent over angle. 😉

        Total aside, but I was once standing next to Billy Corgan (who is 6’3″) in a crowded noisy room and asked him a question about something and he immediately put his arm around me and took on a protective stance blocking the crowd with his back – just to ensure that he could hear my question clearly. 🙂

  2. Leigh

    Love these! I know they’re posed, but I’m glad to see Richard looking so confident and happy.

    • With so many people looking in different directions it doesn’t look like the posing went to well! But he does look happy and confident. He’s probably just drinking it all in.

  3. Teuchter

    That is one dazzling smile! 😉 He looks so relaxed and happy. 🙂

    • Teuchter

      Meant to add that you can really notice just how tall he really is in some of these pictures. He is our perfect TDHBEW!! 😉

    • It is a fabulous smile. Isn’t it wonderful to see him looking relaxed and happy. He just looks like he’s were he belongs!

  4. Hahaha, Sylvester McCoy is freaking hilarious!! Really can’t wait to see his scenes in the Hobbit. 🙂

    • I think Sylvester may end up being a real highlight of the film. He’s really adorable in these pics!

      • Jas, I attended an event in London in early September that was meant to have both McKellen and McCoy present – but for some reason McCoy turned up missing that evening. He plays these ‘Loony’ characters – outcasts, usually, but also adorable.

  5. phylly3

    I hadn’t seen these yet. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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