I Love Twitter: Hobbit Cast on Air New Zealand Plane

I love Twitter!!! Seriously, I would miss sooo much of the awesome news that comes out without that particular social media. This is possibly one of my favorite pics I’ve seen in the last couple of days.

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10 thoughts on “I Love Twitter: Hobbit Cast on Air New Zealand Plane

  1. Servetus

    No pics of him at the onering party last night?

  2. Teuchter

    Hellooooo Richard!! Looking gorgeous as usual! 😉 Okay, I admit it – I’m *squeeing* like crazy!!!!!

    • I’m soooo squeeing right along with you!!! 🙂

      • Teuchter

        He looks like a proper Kiwi with that checked shirt! He really does look fantastic and seems to be having fun, even in front of all the media folk, bless him! 🙂

  3. He looks dashing! And there is his big, beautiful mug on the plane right behind him. 😀

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