Gotta give Facebook some love too: More Air New Zealand Pics

Just saw these via Air New Zealand’s Facebook!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not on overload yet, but it has to be coming right?

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26 thoughts on “Gotta give Facebook some love too: More Air New Zealand Pics

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  2. Teuchter

    I think I just passed out!! I’ve gone totally fangurly! *guh*

    • Yeah, this is very much reminding me of all the fangurling around Comic Con, but this round is just kicking off and will go on for weeks!!!

    • Mezz

      I’m feeling quite faint myself Teuchter, breathing has become quite difficult!!

      • Teuchter

        I haven’t even eaten lunch and it will soon be time to make dinner. Who can possibly think of food when we have all this gorgeousness to feast our eyes on? *sigh*

  3. This is just…. so beautiful. I just… can’t… He’s perfect.

  4. Mezz

    I’m reblogging like mad over on tumblr but just wanted to say thanks for the link to the slideshow!!
    I am so not getting anything done here this morning, these wonderful pics just keep coming up!

    I love the way he looks like he’s taken the time to dress smartly with a collar and jacket – I wonder if his stylist is with him to guide him sartorially through the next few weeks. If so, she/he’s doing a fabulous job! 🙂

    • I need to go check out Tumblr! Hope you manage to get some productive stuff done while fangirling…it sure is difficult. 😉

      He does look great. I wondered about his stylist as well. I know it is a she, as she tweeted not long ago about how great he was going to look on the red carpet. Here’s the link to her Twitter if anyone wants to follow her: She also has a website where you can see other actors she’s worked with.

      • Mezz

        Thanks Jas, I was fairly sure his stylist was a “she” but not absolutely! I saw her comment about him on the red carpet. I don’t know if my poor old heart can take him looking any better then he is already lol!

        • I went and looked at her website and was pretty impressed, especially of her work with Bradley Cooper…that man is normally dressed spectacularly on the red carpet.

          Are there exercises for your heart? Maybe we should all do some strengthening work to prepare for the premiere! 😉

      • Mezz

        It’s been raining quite steadily here for most of the morning and I can’t help feeling very grateful that, considering Wellington is less than a five hour flight across the Tasman, it’s fine there, otherwise we wouldn’t be getting all this deliciousness! Must be cool though, Richard has a vest(?) on under his jacket.

      • linda60

        Richard is simply beautiful. Stunning. It ain’t get better or I’m not going to survive the next weeks due to a heart attack!!!
        But I’m not so sure if I like what I see on the homepage of Ms Urbinati!!!! This definitely looks all far too much like “smug Hollywood beau”. And I especially don’t like her quote on twitter “..wait till you see how he cleans up for the red carpet..” Is it only me and have I just got it wrong as English isn’t my mother tongue? I mean, hasn’t he until shortly also been the hell of a gorgeous, handsome, smart and breathtaking man??

        • Servetus

          “cleans up” usually refers to someone who under normal circumstances wouldn’t dress up or care much about his appearance — to say, “boy, does he clean up well” means, “when he makes the effort to care about what he has on, he looks fantastic.” It’s more a statement about appearance or style than about inherent beauty or attractiveness. I actually think it’s appropriate here because after years of watching him we can guess he’d probably rather dress casually.

      • linda60

        Thanks Servetus for enlightening me! 🙂

  5. Snoozie

    Thank you for posting! He’s just so lovely. I feel like I’m on a sugar high, waiting for the crash!

    • Snoozie, I feel like I’m going to crash at some point, but until then I’m going to revel in all the goodies!

  6. Servetus

    I am wondering if he finally gets to stand *in front* because he’s tall? Otherwise, if he were in the back, he’d be out of the frame. Thanks for posting these.

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  8. bollyknickers

    Despite his earlier denials, it looks like RA is finally ready to play the role of the film star. Engaging a stylist indicates to me that he is going to embrace the red carpet bit of the job and has come to terms with that. Don’t get me wrong – i don’t think he will ever allow himself to be gossip fodder but just like he knew he had to change the way he approached auditions (and got Sparkhouse as a result) i think he is now realising he needs to promote himself in order to break into Hollywood.Standing at the back just won’t cut it anymore.

    • Servetus

      I agree. He had hired a stylist for the Captain America premiere as well, and while that effort wasn’t 100% successful, I think it also shows his readiness to accept that the international stage was going to demand more of him and that if he couldn’t navigate that on his own, he’d have to get help. Good for him, I say.

      I’ve never done it, but most of the big department stores in the U.S. have “personal shoppers” who will go shopping with you for a small fee and advise you about how to look good in latest trends. I’ve seen very positive results from people who have found personal shoppers who “got” them. My impression from the CA premiere was that he had a stylist who knew a lot about style but who didn’t really understand him. That suit fit correctly and was in the trend, but it didn’t look so much “like Richard.” I’m hoping that that’s what we get tonight — someone who figured Armitage out and figured out how to dress him so he looks like an especially nice version of himself.

  9. Laurie C

    Oh my, these are awesome! How am I ever going to get any sleep???? Thanks for posting!

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