If Only

So, is there going to be a Hobbit premiere in Scotland? Because this fangirl would love to see something like this:

A girl can dream right?

I’ll probably be back with a post later today to share my latest (only partially computer related) DIY project.

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22 thoughts on “If Only

  1. Servetus

    I *really* like that a lot more than I would have guessed if you had just told me you were putting Armitage in a kilt. Cool.

  2. Leigh

    Yes, I like it and I’d like it a whole lot better if that were really Richard in that outfit.

  3. Dang it, Jas…I just thudded so hard I hurt myself. *Goes to find ice pack*

  4. Teuchter

    *SWOON* !!! You must have known you would really set my Scottish heart racing wildly with this picture Jas!! I even recognized the tartan without having to look it up! 🙂 It is known as the Douglas Grey (Weaver’s Colours) Tartan. I have always wanted to see Richard in a kilt as he truly has the physique AND the legs – very important IMO – for one. When a man (or woman) doesn’t have a nicely shaped *cough* the kilt doesn’t hang properly and the whole “look” is spoiled for me. I think he would look totally stunning in one (as your picture shows!) and I rather like the more casual look with the open-necked black shirt. I think he would also look stunning in the whole outfit as is shown on the website below, not only in the traditional one, but also in the one with the white shirt which has the laces on the neck opening (love seeing Richard’s neck!)


    *sighs at the thought*

  5. Teuchter

    PS – be sure to watch the video on that website and listen to a man with a lovely Scottish accent describe how to wear the whole outfit!! I think you’ll enjoy it. 😉

    • Teuchter, I’m glad the image set your heart racing! 😉 I just got a chance to watch the videos, very informative. I guess we’ll just have to await the day RA has a premiere in Scotland and hopefully wears the traditional garb. I watched the videos, they were really interesting!

  6. Have to love a man in a kilt. 😉


  7. Richard in kilt… that would be great. 😉

    I recognise this pic, the original is Gerry. 🙂

  8. linda60

    Imagine that pic with a real RA wearing a kilt. How would that look on his glorious body!! Simply breathtaking! I know I would really freak out when I came across him that way…. 😉

    • Teuchter

      Well said linda60!! I hope no-one will mind if I say that I think Richard’s body is WAY better than Gerry’s (no offense meant to Mr Butler). A lot has to do with the fact that Richard is the whole package – looks, personality, physique etc. You name it, he’s got it, IMHO! 😉

    • It would certainly be sooo much better were RA really wearing the kilt!

  9. Servetus

    I feel the need to mention that since this post and its comment strand have been hitting my gmail, gmail is showing me ads for sporran pins!

    • Teuchter

      LOL!! I have to admit that I had never heard of sporran pins! Maybe they are referring to “kilt pins” which, in the video on the website that I linked to above, explains that the weight of them is designed to keep the apron (front) of the kilt from “flapping about” and also helps “to preserve your modesty”!! I got a chuckle out of that!! 😀 I’d love to know if anyone actually watched said video and what they think both of it and the narrator’s accent!!

    • LOL, I think the sporran pins are probably preferable to the Rheumatoid Arthritis ads that so frequently show up. 😉

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