DIY: Hot Dwarves Hoodie

We all remember those  “I ♥ Hot Dwarves” t-shirts from Comic Con back in July, right? At the time I thought it would be great to have one, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever wear it. Well, it didn’t really matter anyway, because you can’t purchase them anywhere (at least not that I’ve found). A couple weeks ago a couple friends and I started talking about actually making or ordering shirts. We played around on the internet designing t-shirts, sweatshirts and *cough* panties. It was all just good fun, but then I happened across reasonably priced sweatshirts and iron on transfers and thought, “What the hell!”

I started out with a design. It went through a few different incarnations, but this is what I ended up with:

Did you know that dark fabric transfers have a white background unless you change it?

Next came the template phase of the design:

Happy with the template, it was time to print and trim the transfer:

Finally it was time for the transfer process:

There are a few imperfections that bother me. The iron on transfer directions weren’t clear enough about how long to press down on the transfer, which led to “hot” being a bit singed…ItsJSforMe and Zan decided it was singed because Thorin is just so darn hot. 😉 The black shirt also shows through the white a bit. All part of the learning experience, I guess. Over all I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. And I can always make a new one for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug next year. 😉


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16 thoughts on “DIY: Hot Dwarves Hoodie

  1. Carolyn

    That is adorable!

  2. Hot, hot, hot!!! 😉

    • Thanks for the input you gave, Zan. I also appreciate the encouragement when it didn’t turn out quite like I wanted. Hugs.

  3. Love it!!!

  4. I can’t see your image, but I’m sure you did a nice job. I’m still thinking about making bed pillows with “someone” on them. Ha!

  5. Leigh

    Great fun!

  6. I saw this pic on twitter a few days ago and was actually going to harass you into posting the image on your blog so people could maybe make their own t-shirt with this image ironed on 😉
    I’m must be darned good because you posted it without me even having to moan about it LOL!
    I’m actually going to have my prints done by a professional printer this time around as I’d like to have them forever without the print crumbling off after a few washes. It’s not half as expensive as you’d imagine.
    I adore your graphics, so maybe we’ll be lucky to get a few more from you before The Hobbit release? Maybe? Hopefully? Fingers crossed?

    • I’m glad you like it Agzy! I’m totally cool with other people using the image if they want. Not sure what other graphics I’d make before we all head to the theaters…might need some ideas to get me going. 🙂

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  8. Joanna


    • Joanna, it cost about $20 dollars to purchase the sweatshirt and transfers. I didn’t think that was too terribly bad. You are more than welcome to use the graphic if you’d like.

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