If only all in-flight safety vids were like this…

…I’d actually pay attention for once!

I especially love the cameos. 🙂

Update: Okay, I was a little slow and just saw this. But there is a chance to win a trip to New Zealand tied in with the video. On the off chance you haven’t already seen it, go here.

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13 thoughts on “If only all in-flight safety vids were like this…

  1. Leigh

    That’s lovely! I’d be paying attention, too. Go Air NZ, the airline of Middle Earth. I wonder if they serve dwarfs alcohol…

    • I love how much effort has gone into Air New Zealand’s Hobbit collaboration. I’m sure they do serve alcohol to dwarves…they would probably cause problems otherwise. 😉

  2. I’d pay attention! 🙂 Air NZ sure knows how to make something as important as the safety briefing fun in the process. Nice job!

    They looked like they had a fun time filming that. How could they not, with Sir Peter on board? 😉

  3. Teuchter

    That was spectacular – and such fun! I certainly paid attention. It think TPTB at Air NZ must have a great sense of humour! I also think Sir Peter is just a big kid at heart, bless him. Now if only Thorin had had a cameo or at least his velvety voice! 😉

    • It really was fun to watch. I paid even closer attention when I realized there was a chance to win a trip to NZ! I think you are right about Peter Jackson. He really does seem to still have the heart of a child–in the best possible ways! Hmmm…it would have been nice to see Thorin in the clip, but I’m guessing they used people who were close by.

  4. Thanks for this Jas! I always go into “zombie mode” and switch off while the poor flight attendants perform the safety briefing. But this is FUN!!! If only I could ever fly with Air New Zealand…not very likely unless I win the lottery! Sir Peter I love you, you diabolical but cuddly filmmaker (Zan’s words)! 🙂

    • Judit, I go into “zombie mode” as you call it too. But they would have my complete attention with a clip like this! I would love to fly with them too. Maybe some day, although The Hobbit stuff will probably me long gone my the time I have the chance. Diabolical but cuddly…such a perfect description! 🙂

  5. I LOVE the hairy socks! LOL! 🙂

  6. UK Expat

    Wonderful find, Jas!! Thanks for posting!

  7. Thanks for the video Jas Rangoon. 🙂

  8. This is genius!!!

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