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I’m still reading and rereading from Thursday’s great deluge of Hobbit goodies. There was one part of the Collider interview with Richard Armitage that I couldn’t help delving into a little bit more. I know I’m not alone as a few friends were…ahem…engaged in this important research right along with me. Have you figured out which aspect of the interview I’m talking about?

Okay, here it is, Richard Armitage’s bar suggestions: “There’s a few good bars I can tell you about. Mighty Mighty is a good bar. Matterhorn’s a good bar.”

I’m not all that interested in Matterhorn. Although I do think there menu looks killer.

Mighty Mighty is a completely different story. The website sucked me in from the start. Perhaps it was the in your face design:

Header for the Mighty Mighty website–I particularly love the usage of “general shit.”

Then there is this description of what to expect:

On any given night you may come across…hula hoopin, burlesque ladies,rollerskating ukelele orchestras, indie rock bands, limbo experiments, 12 teams a quizzin’, Mighty Markets, some rap wrestling, well bent comedy, messy eating competitions, dance comps,space disco djs, rockabilly bands, folk nights – where do we stop?

It sounds like a place with something for everyone! If I didn’t have enough reasons to think the place looked like a blast, the numerous pictures on Flickr sealed the deal. Some of my favorite photo sets include South of the Border, or even Mighty Mighty Turns 4 (look at this link with caution) ;).

What really got me though was trying to picture the man we see in interviews hanging out in this place. I’ve always thought there was so much more to him than the little bits he reveals in those interviews and public appearances. If I just went by the shy, gentleman he so often comes across as, I’d be shocked by the fact he likes this place, especially enough to recommend it to people. But, the glimpses we get from say, humorous messages to fans, leads me to believe that he really likes to cut loose and have a good time.

Ultimately we’ll never know what he’s really like. I’m glad for that as such knowledge would ruin not only the fantasy, but my ability to get lost in his characters. But I’m having a good time picturing him at Mighty Mighty.

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25 thoughts on “Did you look?

  1. Servetus

    I did look. And thought my thoughts. This is a wonderfully humanizing fantasy, and I’m glad he gave it to us.

    • I figured many of us would probably look. I have a lot more thoughts about RA and this bar, but they weren’t things I was comfortable sharing here…maybe some day. It is very humanizing, having this place and environment we can picture him. Inspiring, really.

    • Humanizing. Perfect word!
      Cheers, Rich! 🙂

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  3. I love RA’s bar recommendations that you feature here. I can almost picture him kicking back and having some cold brew. Well, maybe tepid brew since he is British. His leisure choices just make me think that he is a “regular bloke”. Ha!

    • Yeah, I can picture him cutting loose and having a really good time in this bar. It probably would be a tepid beer…you know those Brits and their lukewarm beverages. 😉

      • Servetus

        I feel compelled to note (and I wouldn’t have known this a year ago) that stout and porter actually taste better at a slightly warmer temperature than lager. I’ve been tdrinking a lot of darker beers the last year, and often if I don’t like it right off the tap it’s because I need it to get a little warmer to unfold its full bouquet.

        • I’ll take your word on that, Serv. Beer of any sort has always had one distinct taste for me…bluck. 🙂

          • Servetus

            I felt that way, too, until I lived in Germany, where I was introduced to Budvar (a Czech beer). If it matters to you — don’t drink it out of cans, and don’t start with lager 🙂

  4. Jane

    I never thought he was as boring and square as he likes to paint himself in interviews. I always wondered what he is up to when he’s not working or researching his projects or working out in the gym. It is just that usually he doesn’t tell us.

    • Jane, I actually wondered if this was a question and answer he didn’t expect would end up published. I’m in complete agreement with you about him not being a square. He seems to intentionally show us a small portion of who he is, which makes sense. After all, he’s got to have something to himself.

  5. collarcitybrownstone

    This is not really surprising to me. I never pictured Richard to be a saint as I see many of his fans like to make him out to be. Yes, it is obvious that Richard is polite, well mannered and a gentleman for the most part and that is the side of himself that he mostly reveals in interviews and to his fans when they meet him. However, I never believed that Richard is beyond having a wild side. Richard is a human being just like the rest of us and I think that sometimes many of his fans forget that. They have him up on a pedestal so high with a halo on top. I can picture Richard in a bar like Mighty Mighty kicking back and having a great time. The fact that Richard recommends it is very humanizing as Jasrangoon wrote. So Richard was hitting the bars while in New Zealand. Well, I am glad it wasn’t all work and no play. I bet he can recommend some bars in London too.

    • I didn’t really find the fact that he goes to places like this a surprise, but rather that he put it out there for public consumption. Many fans do seem to have him on a pedestal as “Saint Armitage,” and that has just never worked for me. He’s a 41 year old, single (as far as we know) man. He’s got to go out and cut loose sometimes. I too am glad to know he wasn’t always at work or at home bent over his script. Wouldn’t that have been sad? London bars…I’d like to hear those recommendations too. 🙂

  6. I didn’t even think about it till you linked it, actually, but holy carp I think an Armitage Army Field Trip might be in order!

  7. Joanna

    😀 This is it! exactly what I expected! Have fun Richie! 😀
    PS: pssst….in a few years he may look strange *cough*(silly)*cough* in such a clubs 😉

    • The friends I was looking with and I were commenting that he looked a bit older than the majority of people in the Flickr pics. That led us to wonder if maybe he went there with some of the younger cast members. Whatever the case, I hope he had a good time when he was there!

      • Jane

        I remember a few years ago when working in Budapest he said he loved going to dance clubs and that they had some open air clubs in summer. I’m not sure if he said something about trying not to fall into the Danube? He also said something about feeling too old for London clubs.

  8. collarcitybrownstone

    I don’t drink (not even beer) so I will have to pass on the “field trip” . If you do spot Richard when you get there I do want a full report though…LOL 🙂 I want to know every single crazy thing he did while he was in there. 🙂

    • I’m sure there would be lots of fun to be had besides drinking. So you could come along anyway. 😉 Seriously though, I probably would never go someplace where there was even the slightest chance of running into him! But I’d love to hear stories if other’s saw him. 🙂

  9. Teuchter

    Have to admit I didn’t look until I read this! 🙂 I had to laugh at what it said on the Mighty Mighty home page. “We give you license to spazz (BIG TIME)” LOL! On the Matterhorn site I notice that they offer a wine from the Millton Winery in GISBORNE!! And guess what – I’ve visited it! 😀 Have to say I loved NZ – the county, the people – and the wines! I like a beer now and then too but not the dark ones.

    • I’m glad you had a look now, Teuchter. It sounds like it brought to mind some good memories. 🙂 Thank goodness they give license to spazz! 😉 Oh, and I’m geeking out about a Millton Winery (yeah, I know it has two “l”s) in the town of Gisborne. It is too much Armitage character overlap in one place.

  10. Teuchter

    Sadly it was long before I “met” Richard that we visited Gisborne, way back in 1989 and then again in 1993. He would have been just a “snip of a boy” back then. 🙂

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