It’s a Good Day to be a Fan

Gah! I just got home from a long day of painting and washing wallpaper glue off of walls, only to find out that today is a GREAT day to be a fan of Richard Armitage. I still have a lot of reading to do and I’m sure I’ll be back with my thoughts on the interviews, but for now, this graphic made me laugh:

io9’s comic version of Richard Armitage

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7 thoughts on “It’s a Good Day to be a Fan

  1. Servetus

    sorry about the glue / wallpaper, but you have a wonderful evening ahead of you! This is cute, but I bet GB could do better.

    • The wallpaper glue is coming off slowly but surely. I did have a wonderful evening reading through it all, although my brain was mush by the time I finished. Maybe they should hire GB to do drawing in person, he would do a fabulous job! 🙂

  2. Lots of reading – and re-reading – going on over here in this corner, too, Jas. Just the thing to counteract glue removal. *chuckle*

    And Serv, you nailed it. This is sweet, and cool considering the reasons behind it’s existence (no cameras allowed during the set visit), but our GB could draw rings around this. 😉

    • There was a lot of rereading, but given that it was all good stuff I didn’t mind so much. 🙂 Maybe we should all write to io9 and recommend GB to them. His drawings are wonderful.

  3. Leigh

    Definitely the reading and Richarding will help with the effects of wallpaper stripping and glue removal. I do know the yecht of that task, going through four layers to get down to plaster once… You might want to add some chocolate to the reading and rereading.

    And I agree, GB could do better.

    • Leigh, all that Richarding really did help. I was able to forget my sore muscles for a while! 🙂 I can’t imagine going through four layers and down to plaster. Yikes. Luckily for me the wallpaper is already off, just the glue to deal with. I didn’t have chocolate, but I did have cheesecake. A worthy substitute I think! 😉

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