Whyyyyyyy? At least I have RA to cheer my up.

What’s a girl to do when her beloved St. Louis Cardinals blew a 3-1 lead in the series and then lost game seven as spectacularly as they did tonight?

A little bit of this:

Then add a little ice cream to the mix:

And well:

Thank goodness for RA goodies. Zan knows me so well, she sent me just the right thing to cheer me up:

You just can’t feel to terribly sad when looking at RA’s glistening torso. 😉

Best of luck to the Detroit Tigers in the World Series…seriously, kick some Giant ass.

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13 thoughts on “Whyyyyyyy? At least I have RA to cheer my up.

  1. Teuchter

    Clever Zan!! 🙂 She knew that Porter was the perfect pick-me-up for you! Those are very spectacular and HOT shoulders for you to cry on and way better than any tub of cold icecream. 😉

    • Leigh

      Teuchter is so right. That photo would definitely improve my mood. I’d add a little chocolate and some good red wine to boost and prolong the effect, though.

    • Teuchter, I’m perking up at the thought of crying on those shoulders. Although, if those shoulders were in the vicinity, I don’t think crying would be on my to do list! 😉

  2. Glad to help, Jas!
    A little visceral therapy is just the thing for a situation like this. 😉

    • You are a master of providing the appropriate pic! Normally ones where his shirt is inexplicably absent. 😉 Visceral therapy is definitely helpful.

  3. LOL! That IS the perfect pick me up picture. I so badly would like to make that my background wallpaper, but I am not sure the coworkers would appreciate it. Only because they don’t know any better! 😉

    • I have to wonder what is wrong with your coworkers that they wouldn’t appreciate this picture! I guess not everyone has our impeccable taste. 😉

  4. Servetus

    Obviously, Porter also wishes the Cards had done better 🙂

    My FB feed is full of trauma about this this morning (I lived in MO for 2 years), so I want to sympathize. What I always tell myself when the Packers lose early in the playoffs is, “well, now you’ll have some more spare time …”

    • LOL, Porter probably would be more likely to wonder why anyone cares about baseball in the first place. 🙂

      My Facebook was full of lamenting as well. Of course we Cards fans wanted the team to win, but the losses wouldn’t have been quite so hard to take if the team had played well. The spare time reasoning works for me. I’ve spent way too much time watching baseball the last couple of weeks.

  5. Mezz

    I reckon I save myself a lot of angst by not being a sports fan, but I’ll take the Porter pick-me-up anyway! 😉

    • LOL, Mezz. Luckily for me, baseball is the only sport I really follow, so I won’t have to worry about sports stress until Spring.

  6. Snickers' Mom

    Sorry my dear. I was really looking forward to our boys playing each other. 😦 Hugs

    • I know! As much as I wanted another Cardinals World Series victory, I was really looking forward to our friendly banter. Oh well, I’ll just cheer on the Tigers…and look at Justin Verlander. 😉 Thanks for the hugs.

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