I need a double chocolate cappuccino!

Without Tumblr and Twitter I think I would be completely in the dark. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but not much of one. Today, it was Tumblr that caught me up on some awesome info. Krüger Coffee Products has Hobbit inspired packaging for their coffee, chai and chocolate drinks!

Some of the images I’ve seen:

Display Box for Krüger /Hobbit Products courtesy of @doyleheima

Fili on the hot chocolate package, also courtesy of @doyleheima.

Bilbo on the chocolate cappuccino packaging, courtesy of Vablastsky’s Cupboard.

Okay German fans of The Hobbit and Richard Armitage–mission time! We need some double chocolate cappuccino or more accurately, we need a picture of the double chocolate cappuccino packaging, since that is the product with Thorin’s image. 😉

Update: Thanks to Lisa, I was able to see the Thorin packaging. You can see all the packages at this website: http://www.krueger.de/mitmachen/code-aktion

I went ahead and did a print screen for Thorin. Turns out he’s not on the double chocolate cappuccino, but the classic capuccino.

From the Kruger website.

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39 thoughts on “I need a double chocolate cappuccino!

  1. servetus

    This stuff looks kind of vile, but I hope someone comes up with the Thorin image.

    • This is the kind of thing I’d just take a picture of at the store. I don’t want the product and I have no idea what I’d do with it, even if the package does have Thorin on it.

  2. Look here: http://www.krueger.de/mitmachen/code-aktion
    There are all Hobbit products. I bought the Fili hot chocolate and the Gloin chai latte today. The two Rossmann (where I were) had no Thorin. 😦

    • Lisa, thank you so much for the info! I capped the image from the website. I’m sorry that they didn’t have the Thorin one for you. Hopefully they will get some in and you’ll be able to get one in future. Fingers crossed.

      • servetus

        he looks almost friendly in that pic. Guess he likes cappuccino.

          • servetus

            according to the caption he does like it.

            “Classically tasty and in the good Italian style — that’s how Thorin Oakenshield, the prince of the dwarves, who leads his followers in the struggle against the dragon, likes it. Assemble your companions around you and enjoy a delicious cup of classic cappuccino!”

      • thorinoakenshieldswife

        Thank you! ❤ I'll upload a picture of it when I get it. 🙂 (And yes, I finally made an account, so I can follow you. ;))

        • I can’t wait to see your picture, thorinoakenshields wife! I hope you don’t have a hard time finding the cappuccino. 🙂

  3. servetus

    I really like my cappuccino without chocolate. Double chocolate! That would be so sweet. However, for Thorin …

  4. servetus

    Wow, these captions are SO kitschy.

    “Bilbo, the hero of the Hobbit adventure, has a long and onerous journey before him. The perfect thing to strengthen him: a hot cappuccino with a fine note of chocolate! With that, you too will be armed for all your adventures!”

  5. servetus

    “The pessimistically inclined dwarf Dori often sees the world in black and white. But when he enjoys a cup of the tasty Stracciatella cappucino, he also sees the many sweet sides of life …”

    • I seriously love that you are translating all of these! 🙂

      • servetus

        They’re so ridiculous. Here’s Nori:

        “French way of life meets adventurous dwarf: a highly explosive mixture! Enjoy your café au lait with totally relaxed and discover what Nori’s up to!”

  6. servetus

    the caption for Bofur describes him as “liebenswürdig,” which is hard to translate but means something like amiable and gracious.

  7. servetus

    Here’s Ori, who’s on the caramel crunch package:

    “An extraordinarily tasty pleasure that ties the sweetness of caramel with a nutty crunch kick. Exactly right for everyone who sometimes likes to try something new — just like Ori, the artist in the fellowship of the dwarves!”

  8. servetus

    Balin: “For everyone who wants to decide themselves how sweet they want to drink their chai: classic India without refined sugar, but with the typically full chai flavor. That is certainly not only to Balin’s taste!”

  9. servetus

    Gloin: “The chai with a fine note of chocolate — a real treat that no one can resist! Gloin is incidentally the only married dwarf in the fellowship. Maybe he seduced his wife with a little cup of chai sweet latte India …”

  10. That Thorin and his actor are classic, how true ;o)
    I have never seen Krüger branded cappucino or chocolate drinks.Must be in other shops than I frequent.
    Sorry that I can’t be of much help here, but it seems I must go on discovery tour ;o)

    • Cdoart, I thought it was quite fitting when I saw that he was on the classic flavor! 🙂

      That’s a shame they don’t carry the products in your regular stores but a discovery tour sounds fun.

    • That’s funny as we often get Kruger products in Poland. I need to go to my local Rossmann. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these!
      I’m tempted to get a bag of Thorin coffee, because I REALLY want to know how he likes it 😉
      There clearly isn’t enough Thorin goodness in my kitchen!

  11. servetus

    “The enlivening effect of Fresh India would certainly do the dwarf Bifur good! Get yourself a fresh kick, too, with a hint of ginger and lemon grass!”

  12. Teuchter

    If only Starbucks had this kind of packaging then both my (R)Addictions would be satisfied! 😉 Thorin and a Grande Non-fat Latte! What a combination. Bliss!! 😀 *sigh*

    • Seriously, Teuchter. I wouldn’t mind seeing RA on my caramel macchiato. This does have me wondering if we’ll see any promotions like this in the US…Pop Tarts, cereal boxes…

  13. Snicker's Mom

    These are kind of cute! I bet the kids will love them!!!

  14. Mezz

    This is the first Hobbit promotional packaging I’ve seen, although I have to admit I haven’t been keeping a look out for it. Thanks for the translations, serv!

  15. Leigh

    LOL Yes, thanks for the translations. Not that I would consider buying the product, but Thorin + classic capuccino sounds really good about now.

  16. I’ll take a hot chocolate! Ha! Gosh! Just think of the actor’s back end royalties on the merchandising of their characters and their faces. Kaching, kaching! At least I hope that they are benefiting from it.

  17. I’ll need a double chocolate expresso too, lol.

    “The Hobbit” pics on coffe package… that’s a little “strange”… but funny. We don’t have that in Switzerland.

  18. Jane

    Those are a hoot! I haven’t seen them in a shop yet, but will look out for it. I recommend to have some Hobbit cookies with it (they have been around for ages, but will be re-released in a movie-tie-in package), as they are very dry and better with a cup of coffee. Very apt that Thorin is on “Classic Cappuccino”, after all that is the standard product. I think if an actor has made it onto a package of Cappuccino, he truly has made it! 😉

  19. Jane

    BTW how funny the brand is called Krüger after he play Heinz Kruger! (With an “ü” or if you don’t have that on your keyboard, with “ue” please!)

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  21. thorinoakenshieldswife

    I went to Rossmann and some other shops again today and wrote a report about it. 🙂
    Here it is: http://thorineichenschild.tumblr.com/post/32873617549/i-went-to-rossmann-again-today-but-there-were
    Maybe you can use it or you’re simple interested in the report.

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  23. Jane

    I just got Bilbo and Thorin cappuccino from my local supermarket. It was thrilling to find them there! I tried Bilbo, but to be honest Krüger is not my favourite brand of coffee. Thorin now sits in my cupboard looking innocent.

    • jasrangoon

      So fun! I think it would be great just to see it in the local grocery store. I’m not so sure about Thorin looking innocent. Is he capable of pulling that off? 😉

      • Jane

        Perhaps I should say he looks unsuspecting. Just a back-up package of coffee. Not some mad fan article. In the shop the Hobbit packages were simply next to the normal packages on the shelf at knee-height (suitable for hobbits and dwarves) as Krüger is a relatively cheap brand. Unfortunately it is a bag you can’t close again once it is open.

        • jasrangoon

          I see what you mean. 🙂 Too funny about the packages being at Hobbit and Dwarf height. I bet they are trying to get children’s attention putting it there. That’s a shame you can’t reseal the bag. I’m guessing you won’t be drinking any classic cappuccino, but keeping the package in tact?

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