More Hobbit Goodness!!! Alt Version of Vlog 8

Update: I was kindly asked by WB to remove the gifs I had here from the Alternative Vlog 8 that was floating around the internet today. Sorry guys.


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26 thoughts on “More Hobbit Goodness!!! Alt Version of Vlog 8

  1. servetus

    Sigh indeed. Dwarf desire just kicked up a coupla notches! BAM!

    • It only seems to increase with each new picture of video clip we get. I’m a little afraid to see how bad Dwarf desire will be when we have a full movie to watch.

      • servetus

        I wonder about this, too. I’m sure they have some sophisticated plan for how to give us this in doses but still leave something for the screen that we won’t have seen ahead of time, but if it’s this good already … ???

      • Fanning the fires. Let it die down a little, then release another image. By December, we’ll just be a quivering mass of desire.

        *serious sighs*, and these are just clips and stills.

        Wonder if there’ll be paramedics stationed at the theatres?

    • Snicker's Mom

      Just wait for the new trailer being released tomorrow, more wonderful goodies I’m sure!

  2. Leigh

    Oh, these small doses.. At this rate, they will have to have paramedics at each showing as viewers succumb to a surfeit of dwarf passion.

    • I know, we fangirl over little snippets. Imagine how we’re all going to react when the film actually comes out. I’m sure there will be a few instances of succumbing to dwarf desire, dwarf lust and dwarf passion.

  3. Kap

    Darn it! I’ve been out and missed watching the alternate v-log!! Love the legs!!

    I’m looking forward to the trailer and I really hope we get some clips pretty soon too!

  4. I think given all the fangirls who will be attending The Hobbit movies, paramedics might not be a bad idea. Gotta remember it isn’t just us RA fans…Aidan Turner, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch have quite large followings.

    • Teuchter

      ROF and crying with laughter!! Do you know I think paramedics might indeed have to be called with all the swooning and thudding that will be going on! I seriously think I will take half an Ativan before I go! 😀

    • And for any of us that may be multiple fangirls … defibrillators may be in order, too! 😉

  5. Mezz

    Jas, thank you so much for the gifs! I was disappointed to find that the alternate v-log appeared overnight here and I missed it. Those legs…now I need to go and lie down again! 😉

  6. Why didn’t they let Stephen Fry wear any makeup like the rest of the actors do? 😛

    • Stephen Fry’s character is a man, not a dwarf or elf. I imagine that makes a difference in how much makeup and prosthetics are involved. The hair definitely looked fake though, so at least he’s got something different going for him. 😉

  7. Just… perfect. Oh… ♥

  8. Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    Jas caught it! Check out the GIFs and stills from the vlog! Amazing! 🙂

  9. Joanna

    I missed everything, Jas! ;(

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