Confession is good for the soul…I’m not really all that into the Richard III stuff, but even I find this incredibly exciting!

Me + Richard Armitage

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Multiple sources (The Independent; The Telegraph; The Guardian) are now reporting that Leicester excavators have found human remains in their dig, and have reason to believe based on circumstantial evidence that they have found the mortal remains of Richard III. As anticipated, mitochondrial DNA results will take some time to come in.

Can you imagine being the archaeologist who discovered that?

Congratulations to Philippa Langley along with all who supported this project with their energy and money — again, whether or not this is Richard III, the results are still significant.

And: Should this be the case, it would certainly offer a potentially large tank of fuel to support the realization of Richard Armitage’s interests in pursuing a Richard III project.

Have you signed the petition to support Armitage’s goals? Strike while the iron is hot! Sign it already!

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