The crappy week gods must love me!

More new stuff! The crappy week gods are smiling down on me!

For the full image go here:

If you just want to look at Thorin, I cropped it:

Thanks again Warner Brothers!

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14 thoughts on “The crappy week gods must love me!

  1. Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    Check out the new Hobbit Scroll! A little bit more of Thorin … life is good! 🙂 Thanks, Jas and Warner Brothers!

  2. WHOOOOOOPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE! God, he is one hot dwarf. Will also reblog. *does happy dance*

    • “One hot dwarf” just doesn’t seem sufficient enough a description. I don’t know what I’d call him, but WOW! I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to survive the movie! 😉

      • Magnificent, amazing, majestic, extraordinary, intense,alluring, beautiful alpha dwarf. And that still doesn’t seem like enough. *sigh* And I got my annual today, too! More salivating to come! Yipppeeeeee

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  4. Reblogged this on the armitage effect and commented:
    Yes, ladies–there’s MORE! Thank you Jas and the TPTB at WB. 😀

  5. Teuchter

    WOW!! Speechless!! 😀

  6. Leigh

    **happy dance** And hooray for reblogging.

  7. OMG he’s ambidextrous!! 🙂 He looks very heroic bless his heart!

  8. Great pic, thanks. 🙂

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