Love This: Freddie For A Day

When I was in college there was this one professor in the religion department who had a uniform. The man wore khaki slacks, a light blue button down shirt, brown loafers and a jacket every day. The only variation was his ties, those were different every day and were always sporting some kind of funky design. This professor also took a walk at the same time each day around the campus, followed by a nap in his office.

One year, the head of the department got the wild idea to have “Be Dr. Rut Day.” That first year the department head and around 20 students showed up for classes dresses as Dr. Rut. Not only that, they accompanied him on his walk and even took a nap in his office and the hallway outside his office. It became something of a tradition that religion students got a tremendous kick out of and Dr. Rut was a great sport about the whole things.

I was reminded of this today, when I was scrolling through the feed on my RL Facebook account.Have you heard of Freddie for a Day?

Here is a link to the website, but I’ll give a brief summary. People dress up as Freddie Mercury on his birthday–September 5th–or the Friday before if his birthday falls on a weekend. Individuals spend the entire day dressed as Freddy, even going to their jobs. Unlike with the professor story, this isn’t just about fun. Freddie for a Day is a fundraiser to support the Mercury Phoenix Trust, helping AIDS charities all over the world. There is even a page on the website to aid in making your costume!

Look, even Stephen Fry got in on the action last year!

The whole concept is incredibly fun and inspiring to me. When I think about the millions of AIDS orphans and people the world over who simply aren’t educated about the disease, every little bit that people can do to help seems like a big deal. I don’t have time this year to be Freddie, but next year…I’m totally in!

But now for an Armitage tie in: How fun would it be for Richard Armitage fans to do something like this? Obviously it would be on a smaller scale–Freddie is to this day a world wide icon. But fans of RA could dress up as his various chaRActers on his birthday to raise funds for the Just Giving Charities. Imagine showing up to work as Thorin. Just a thought….

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10 thoughts on “Love This: Freddie For A Day

  1. What a cool idea, Jas! 🙂
    (Thoughts are whirling … )

    • Trying to decide what your costume would be? 😉

      • You bet! Black leather Guy/Ricky? Or maybe camo Porter? Can’t be Harry, ’cause it’s too hot in August for jumpers. I am the right height for Thorin. *giggle* Decisions, decisions, decisions. We should come up with a plan …

  2. Oh, I LOVED Freddie. I agree, it is a great idea–something fun and for a really good cause!
    Porter would be easiest for me. I could borrow husband’s old military gear. 😉 Or I could borrow his black leather jacket, put on the kohl eyeliner . . . hmmmm!

  3. Leigh

    If I were still working, I’d chip in for charity, buying the right to wear black leather and my sword to the office for the day.

    • Leigh, are you going for the Guy look? I’d love to see that! 🙂

      • Leigh

        But of course. Have gloves, have boots; can’t remember where my black leather trousers are; my sword & scabbard are in storage; I’ll need to get a jacket, but what the heck… (Also have a smirk and a nasty scowl, but nothing as appealing as Richard’s.)

  4. Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    Cool idea! 🙂 Let’s build on it …

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