How long are we going to have to wait to see the dwarves? Revisited

I was just looking at my previous post on this subject and checking out the poll results. This is how the voting currently stands:

The results don’t surprise me, this is after all a blog where I discuss my fangirling over Richard Armitage! 🙂

Now however, with the confirmation of a third movie, I’m curious. Will the length of time we have to wait change? Will they delve more into the back-story before getting to the contents of the book? Is “too damn many minutes” going to become way too damn many minutes?

As a Tolkien fan, I can wait. I’ll enjoy the story as it unfolds. But the RA fangirl in me wants to see this  guy on the big screen as soon as possible:

Because of my questions, I’ve revised the poll and added another option.

So, let me know what do you think? Are we going to have to wait longer or will the additional footage come later on in the trilogy?

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14 thoughts on “How long are we going to have to wait to see the dwarves? Revisited

  1. I think it would be wonderful if the first movie opened with a bit of Dwarven history – the Dwarves at Erebor, Smaug’s attack on the Lonely Mountain, the Dwarves escape from the Mountain, and the Battle of Azanulbizar (where Thorin earns his name, Oakenshield, and Azog is beheaded by Dáin Ironfoot). This would give us the reason for the Quest, and an early glimpse of Thorin and his cousin, Dáin! 😛

    • kathryngaul

      I’m fascinated with your ability to add accents to words – do you have a special keyboard or is it possible with all keyboards and I just haven’t learned the trick?

    • Itsy, I like your version of how the movies are going to go! Here’s hoping you and PJ are on the same page! 🙂

    • I agree with you ItsJSforMe! Giving moviegoes some background of the Dwarfs struggles would be great–and would certainly explain all of the “young” Thorin shots we’ve been seeing. Ha! Cheers! Grati

  2. kathryngaul

    Whatever the number of minutes, it’ll be too long for me! 😀

    I want Richard on the big screen from the very beginning 😉 – selfish, aren’t I, when there are other very good actors in “The Hobbit” movies?

    It would be great if PJ starts with the back story you mention – I’m thinking that’s how it will pan out, too – well, “hoping” would be more honest!

    • The movies will be so good that you’ll get sucked into the story and it will seem like no time before Thorin makes his grand entrance! That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

      • kathryngaul

        Yeah, that’s what I reckon, too! I’ll love them no matter what shape and form they take.

  3. I don’t know why, but I’m not really worried about this aspect of the film. I’m sure Sir PJ will make the whole thing so fascinating, that even Dwarfless scenes will probably be a joy to watch.
    On DVD, it doesn’t really matter. Take North & South. I’m not saying I fast forward The Hales yapping on, or the strikers meeting, but then I’m not saying I don’t … 😉
    Let’s just say that when I watch N&S, it’s 90% Thornton, 10% Bessy and Nicholas.

    • z13

      You mean there are other parts of N&S? Or VoD? Really? 😉

    • I’m not really worried, just curious. Like you, I’m expecting the movies to be so good that we’ll be caught up in the story.

      Skipping to the Thornton parts of N&S! Do people really do that? 😉

  4. Having been a fan of the N&S mini-series much longer than I’ve been an RA fan, I confess I am not in the habit of skipping ahead to the Thornton parts of the DVD! I will admit to doing it a time or two with Sparkhouse, but I usually watch that one all the way through as well (and in the last year I’ve watched SH wayyyy too many times to count!). No matter how Sir PJ chooses to present the story, I will be happy to watch it over and over again, I’m sure! 🙂

    • kathryngaul

      Thank you – got the email. Will try it out later today.

      Now I must get myself showered and dressed to go shopping as I still need 1 or 2 little things to put in my darling grandson’s 3rd birthday gift bag for Saturday.

  5. fitzg

    I’m with kathryngaul – it will betoo long to wait for the dwarves! 😀 On first viewing. On second viewing of the film, will sit back and enjoy the “interlopers” and enjoy the anticipation.

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