Raucous, Naughty, Dirty, Filthy Beasts

I’m sure everyone has seen the extended HitFix interview with Richard Armitage by now. If not:

There were several nice moments in this interview. I don’t know about you, but I was glad to hear that the dwarves will be singing more than just the one song. Loved that he talked about taking pictures of the line to get into Hall H. I’m sure is was an exciting and overwhelming thing witness, so it is great that he took some photos for remembrance. I also really liked his answer about not trying to make Thorin contemporary…hello lady, this is The Hobbit!

Now, I need to be honest, I had to watch the interview a few times to actually pay attention. There was one little clip that seemed to render me stupid for a while. I’m sure you can guess, but if not, I extracted it for our listening pleasure.

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29 thoughts on “Raucous, Naughty, Dirty, Filthy Beasts

  1. LMAO I had the same reaction to that clip when I heard it the first time, Jas!

    • I knew I couldn’t be alone in my reaction!!!! I mean really, the words “naughty, raucous, filthy and dirty” coming out of Richard Armitage’s mouth is enough to render any woman stupid for a few moments. 😉

      • z13

        Oh … you are NOT alone! 🙂
        Stupid … good description. All those thoughts running around in one’s head putting all kinds of images with the words … how could a woman *possibly* think intelligently? 😉

        • Yeah, I don’t know how those women were able to keep their thoughts coherent to even interview him. Good for them!

  2. Oooooh!!!! *shivers*

  3. Hearing Richard said words like “dirty” and “naughty” and talking about dwarves loving to “party hard” puts thoughts in a girl’s mind that could make you blush. I mean, he can make the most innocent and mundane of words sound sexy, so when he starts discussing these “beasts” with such adjectives. Welllll . . . Hello!!!!

    • Seriously! He could read the phone book and women would swoon, so this definitely produced a *guh* kind of moment. 😉

  4. So he was a raucous, naughty, dirty, filthy beast? Ooo, baby! Wonder if he said that just for the female interviewers? 😉

    • Judiang, if he did say that because the interviewers were female, it would just make him even hotter! 😉

  5. Giggles! I just love it when RA cuts loose with his unvarnished opinion about his Dwarf colleagues! And he has called them “smelly” in several interviews. One can only imagine that those costumes had to get pretty “rank” after a while. Ha!

    But what I really want to know is, where is that Male stud calendar the Dwarfs had made with their portraits for Peter Jackson’s birthday? I’m surprised none of the photos has surfaced. Hmmmm. My vivid imagination gives me some “naughty” (with RA saying that word so deliciously) thoughts in that regard. Ha!

    • Grati, I pretty much tuned out the whole “rank” issue. I just wanted to listen to him talking about being raucous and naughty! 😉 I too would love to get a glimpse of the calendar of the dwarves. I’m sure it is not only hilarious, but well, it has RA in it, so it has to be hot too. 🙂

  6. gracie

    Imagination went into overdrive. Dirty never sounded so good.

    • Seriously right? How could your imagination NOT go into overdrive when he says things like that! 😉

  7. Joanna

    In this particular situation(I mean standing so close;) , I would love to try to focus on maintaining the core of vital functions.

    • Joanna, I’m not sure I would succeed. I applaud those female interviewers for not swooning, even before he started with the saucy language. 😉

  8. Ah Thorin you filthy beast, you!

  9. fitzg

    Richard/Thorin is clearly beyond redemption! 😀 That audio clip just proves it. It’s irresistible…

    • If being beyond redemption means he’ll remain, “raucous, naughty, filthy” and so on, I’m not sure I’d want him to be redeemed! 😉

  10. servetus

    something about the pronunciation of the “t” in “naughty.”

    • Absolutely. I’m not sure he should be allowed to utter that particular word. *swoon*

      • Teuchter

        Yeah!! “Naughty” was the one that to got me!! I have an “au” in my name and it REALLY made me want to hear him say it! 😉 *guh* Has he REALLY no idea the effect he has on us?????

  11. rbb

    Speaking of his interviews – I think i can tell if he is talking to a man or a woman, even when I can’t see or hear or hear the interviewer. When talking to a woman, whether he is serious or joking, there is invariably something flirty and seductive in his manner. I suppose other guys do this too, I’ve just never watched enough interviews with the same person to notice it 🙂

    • Rbb, now I feel like I need to go back and watch all of his interviews to check this out. Such a hard task, isn’t it?

      • rbb

        Oh i’m so sorry to have forced you into such an unpleasant task 🙂 But it’s not a clean experiment at this point, because now that it’s been mentioned, you are likelier to see it the same way…

    • Teuchter

      I noticed that too! Quite different inflections in his voice! I doubt if he is even conscious of it!! 🙂

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  13. Teuchter

    Sorry to come back again but I just re-watched the interview a couple more times. Is it just me or do you think he responded more to Katie Hasty than the other two interviewers in the way he looked at her?

  14. saraleee

    Oooh! I totally agree! And I want to see the studly dwarf calendar that Gratiana Lovelace mentioned–I’d forgotten about that and now I really, really have to see it. 🙂

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