Why I Love “Our Community”

Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly.

I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m a fan of Firefly. You know, that little show that lasted only one season, but had such a strong fan base that they ended up making a movie as well. It isn’t just Firefly that I love, but also Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog and Castle. Simply, Nathan Fillion is in a lot of things that appeal to me. He also seems like a decent person from what I’ve seen and read, which makes enjoying his work all the more fulfilling.

Anyway, I was reading my latest copy of Entertainment Weekly last night and came across Nathan Fillion’s Comic-Con diary. It was fun to read about how much fun he was having and the appreciation he has for the fans. But the end of the diary entry is what really struck a chord with me. Here is what he had to say:

It’s the freedom to geek out in wild abandon, to enjoy freely and without judgment. It’s the best part of fandom. It’s the best part of excitement and dedication. It’s generosity of spirit.

Now, he may have been speaking about Comic-Con specifically, but what he said is how I feel about the RA community. The people in our real lives don’t understand our fangirling tendencies toward Richard Armitage. Isn’t that why we seek out the forums, blogs, Tumblrs and chatrooms in the first place? We’re looking for a place to belong, a place where others understand. We search for a place where we can “geek out with wild abandon, to enjoy freely and without judgment.” There is a tremendous amount of “generosity of spirit” within this community as well.

Thank you Mr. Fillion for giving me the words, because these attributes of fandom are the reason I love “our community.”

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24 thoughts on “Why I Love “Our Community”

  1. Wow, someone who gets it…go Nathan!

    • Seriously…I think I’ve become an even bigger fan of Nathan Fillion’s after reading that!

  2. I reasd Nathan’s article, too, and I also took note of what he said and felt I could relate to it through the RA community. Nope, most people in RL just can’t quite “get” it so it’s wonderful to be able to geek out over RA and all his many wonderful qualities with like-minded (and equally intelligent, creative, discerning) fans. 😉 And Nathan does seem like a pretty nice guy. 😀

    • Having a community to geek out with is key. Before I just felt like a weirdo, now I feel like I have other’s who get me!

  3. servetus

    I really want this to be true. 🙂

    • I think for the most part this is true of the fandom. I just wanted to take a moment and highlight why I love being a part of it so much. Sometimes I think we let the few bad eggs make too much noise. Hugs!

  4. z13

    Mr. Fillion certainly seems to understand that sense of community. 🙂

    I’m a relative newbie to the RA community. Been reading all the ‘stuff’ out here for many months before peeking my head in a little while ago. It is nice to have a place where a squee and a drool and an “OMG” are as thoroughly understood as an intelligent comment. And are equally encouraged. Thanks for that. 🙂

    • Yep, we totally get squee, drool and OMG as intelligent…that’s why we need each other!

      • z13

        It’s lovely when one speaks the language! 😀
        Needing each other … yeah, definitely. I can hand out towels at the next drool-fest. 😉

    • servetus

      z13, this is a very squee friendly community — we’re all squeeing all the time!

  5. phylly3

    Truer words were never spoken jasrangoon. Here’s lovin’ you right back! 🙂

  6. That quote just says it all for me as well. I’m feeling so perfectly good about geeking out about RA with all of you in this ‘little community’. *hugs*

    • IngeD3, I read that quote and just thought, “He gets it!” It really is nice to have other people to geek out with!

  7. mersguy

    I saw Nathan being interviewed on Comic Con and thought, what a nice man!
    This little “community” has given me far more than I could have wished for ♥ If I’m a geek, so what, loud and proud!!

    • Mersguy, every interview I’ve ever seen with him had made me think he seems like a nice, funny guy. This community is great! I hate to see all of the wonderful things about it overshadowed on occasion. This quote for Mr. Fillion came at a great time, when I needed a reminder.

  8. kathryngaul

    Yep, “Geeking” right along with the rest of you 😀 I have only ever seen Nathan in “Castle” but quite like him

    • Kathryn, I’ll gladly keep geeking out along side you! 🙂 If you like funny sci-fi type shows, I would highly recommend Firefly. Nathan and all of the other actors are fabulous in it.

  9. For me our fandom is like I’m 5 years old, running in the rain, screaming my head off with joy, flapping my arms about! In other words, it’s experiencing an aspect of reality in a way I wouldn’t/ couldn’t/ shouldn’t in RL!

  10. Joanna

    Yes Agzym :)..it is like jumping in puddles!

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