Vlog 8…finally one with lots of RA!

So, I was getting ready to head out to run errands when I saw Servetus’ post that Peter Jackson had posted Vlog 8. My family doesn’t really need food in the house to eat, do they?

Two interviews on camera, goofing around with other cast members, a ToC appearance…yup this was a good vlog for the RA fangirls!

Here are some of my favorite screencaps, with commentary of course! 😉

Oh Judiang, here’s that butt shot from Comic-Con you were looking for!

Richard’s in the background again. Good thing we don’t need to see his whole face to recognize him!

Now he’s behind both PJ and Ian…we don’t bite, I promise!

BEARD!!! Need I say more?

And because video blogs automatically mean gifs to me:

Doesn’t he look so good in motion?

Um…what in the world is he doing with his tongue? LOL!

Gotta love a man who talks with his hands!

Do I spy some ToC?

Here we all were, thinking RA was a nice guy…thanks Adam Brown for giving us the dirt. “You bastard!”

Well, now we know who RA’s knocking boots with! 😉

Watch out Thorin, I bet he could take you down.

In all seriousness, it was so much fun to see RA goofing off in this vlog. ItsJSforMe and I were discussing how we wondered if he was always in “DeNiro mode” as Quickbeam called it, so it is nice to see he’s having fun with his cast mates.

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24 thoughts on “Vlog 8…finally one with lots of RA!

  1. servetus

    we crossposted — and I totally missed the boots pic. !!!!!!

    • LOL, I just went and looked…we all love the ToC, don’t we? I couldn’t resist the “knocking boots” comment…that section of the video was begging for someone to say it. 😉

  2. FantRAstic!!! Thank you so much for the screencaps, Jas! He was enjoying himself alright! Love the goofy Richard, love the serious, poetic Richard, love Richard, period. I’m a goner. 🙂

    • z13

      Me, too, Judit!

    • Thanks Judit! I love going through and making screencaps. I feel like I take in so much more visually while doing it. I totally agree too, goofy, serious, poetic…love the various aspects of his personality, after all they make a well rounded person. 🙂

  3. He can even hide in a lift! 🙂 The naughty boy!

  4. So they wait until the last vlog to fill it with RA? LOL! Well, can’t say his people aren’t reading the FB page. 😉

    • This vlog was a pleasant surprise, wasn’t it? I hope it isn’t the last though, PJ seemed to indicate there might be more during post production.

  5. gracie

    He wasn’t in the DeNiro mode ALL the time. He got in some goof time too. Look at those arms and hands. They are big.

    • Yup, this vlog showed that he can have fun along with the boys! Don’t make me fan myself! Big hands indeed. 😉

  6. Snicker's Mom

    I would love to throw a fish at him!!!!!! You captured the gReAt moments.

  7. Mezz

    Thanks heaps for these gifs, jas! Totally love Richard’s goofiness in the barrel shots and the dwarf in the background just standing there with a fish on his head cracks me up. 🙂

    • Mezz, I’m glad you like the gifs! Thanks for pointing out the guy with the fish on his head. I hadn’t noticed him…can’t think of why that might be. 😉

  8. I think in that second GIF he is trying to discretely pull his pants out of his backside. 🙂 Great GIFs !!!!! 😀

  9. kathryngaul

    Yep, I also think Richard is DISCREETLY trying to pull his pants out of his bum 😉

  10. z13

    Great pics and GIFs! Knockin’ boots … hee hee
    I would love to see the whole interview where he’s using those wonderful hands of his to talk with. 🙂

    • Thanks z13! I really couldn’t help myself with that one, they were after all knocking boots. 😉 I would like to see that whole interview too. I wonder if it is one we’ve already seen and the angle just makes it look different.

  11. Laurie C

    Wow, thanks so much for this! I’m seeing details I didn’t see watching the whole blog.

    • Laurie C, I’m so glad you are able to catch more detail with this post. Part of why I like making the screencaps and gifs is precisely for that reason.

  12. fitzg

    Fabulous gifs! Boots? a version of UGGS? Or something…Thank You,Jas 😀

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