Ode to a Normal Looking Guy

Forgive me in advance. Poetry–even the cheesy kind–and I have never been close friends, but after seeing some of the more recent photos…well, I couldn’t help myself. 😉

Ode to a Normal Looking Guy

Denim, distressed and wrinkled,
Shirt, a little bit crinkled,
Oh how normal it all appears,
Leading to a chorus of fangirl cheers.

Broken latch on your backpack,
But we won’t make a wisecrack,
We find it endearing,
You won’t hear us jeering.

The everyman look suits,
Although there might be a few disputes,
We like this down home appearance,
Still, we’ll keep our distance.

You look like a regular bloke,
Although you’ll never be one of the homefolk,
That’s more than okay,
We love to ogle anyway.

So keep rocking jeans,
And comfy old sleeves,
Your fans all adore,
How you look like the boy next door.

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17 thoughts on “Ode to a Normal Looking Guy

  1. gracie

    You say you are not a poet,
    Yet you rhyme so well
    Your love and admiration
    For an English Debonair.

    See what you have done,
    You have inspired me too
    Now I am attempting
    To write just like you.

    I love regular folk
    When they look like RA
    They make me smile
    And take my breath away

    LOL….I am sorry. I had little sleep last night and it is causing me to be giggly and silly today.

    • phylly3

      Giggly and silly is what I’m all about! I love your poem Jasrangoon and Gracie’s too!

    • Snicker's Mom


    • Maybe you should get less sleep more often, Gracie…love the poem! 😉

  2. Dear Jas Rangoon,

    This is a lovely poem, I do have to say,
    And RA is a very nice bloke, in every possible way.
    I must also giggle, because a tale that I have in store,
    For my readers is a May-December romance I call, “The Boy Next Door”.

    Ha! Great minds think alike. Cheers! Grati ;->

  3. How I wish the guy who lives next door to me would look like this! Unfortunately, there are no guys like RA walking around in the streets of Budapest. Loved the poem Jas, and yours too, Gracie! You girls are funny! 🙂

    • Jane

      You didn’t spot him when he used to walk around Budapest?

  4. Snicker's Mom

    Jas, we’ll make a poetry lover out of you yet. 😉

  5. *Cheers on the talented lady poets* Wonderful!
    I’ve been to airports. I’ve never seen someone quite so sexy. I must conclude that life is not FAIR!

    • Could you even imagine running into him in an airport? Oh.My.Word! I would admire from a distance.

  6. fitzg

    Well, that earns him a special mention as “World Class Scruff” 😀 😀 😀 How endearing is that? (Very)

  7. Teuchter

    Jas and Gracie!! You girls are wonderful and so talented! 🙂 I’ve been in quite a few airports and sadly have never seen anyone who looks even close to being this gorgeous! But I should keep my eyes peeled – the way he is globetrotting these days you just never know! 😉 I’ve always had this silly fantasy of bumping into him in my local grocery store and have found myself walking around there then suddenly realized I’m grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat!! 😀

    • Thanks Teuchter! I’ve seen some handsome men in airports before, but never one quite like RA. I love your fantasy of running into him in the grocery store. It is so sweet, I’d be grinning like that too!

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