If it couldn’t be Richard Armitage…

…at least it was Tom Hiddleston!

Tom Hiddleston Wins Anglo Fan Favorites, Named Man of the Year 2012

Dude’s been having a great year. First, the Glamour Magazine award and now this! Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved for it to be RA, but well…my bit on the side isn’t a bad option! 😉 And who knows, maybe next year will be Richard’s time to shine.

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4 thoughts on “If it couldn’t be Richard Armitage…

  1. Snicker's Mom

    I love seeing Hiddles face front and center on my Chrome preview page and (for the moment) on top on my reader page for WordPress. Thank you for sharing!!!! You have such great taste in men!

  2. Hiddles does a fine job representing some of the very best attributes of British men. The best part is he is still so young and full of youthful energy. Bravo!!! 🙂

  3. Deservedly so, with him being broadcast in the hollow crown I thought it worthwhile to revisit his past performances and was shocked I’d forgotten his scenes in Return to Cranford! I really couldn’t participate in this years poll it seemed so obsolete. But look forward to next years or possibly the year after when RA hopefully really has a chance of winning!

  4. I agree Jas, losing to the winner makes it a tad better! Do you remember how RA’s IMDB ranking jumped when the first Hobbit trailer was released. From what I see of the promotion of Thorin, I think next year is The Year of the Armitage!

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