Time To Raid The Piggy Bank

I’m having flashbacks to my childhood. Remember the days when you watched cartoons on Saturday mornings. I loved cartoons, especially Rainbow Brite and the Smurfs. I even had Rainbow’s sidekick Twink (in fact I think he may still be around here somewhere in a box). It wasn’t just the cartoons that I loved, but the commercials. There was always something exciting about watching new and exciting toys flash across the screen–seeing kids playing with toys that looked like so much fun.

Well, I may not be a kid anymore and I don’t play with toys on a regular basis. Still, all of the Thorin statues, busts and action figures that have been revealed lately create the same rush I felt when I was a kid watching those toy commercials.

First there’s this Weta exclusive statue revealed on TORn:

Those lucky ducks going to Comic Con! Although I couldn’t afford this bad boy anyway ($249).

Then TORn revealed this Gentle Giant Ltd. bust of Thorin:

This price is still too steep for my piggy bank, but if you have $70 dollars…

Next, MTV showed something in my price range  from The Bridge Direct!

This one comes in two sizes, priced at $7.99 and $14.99 respectively. Hmm…may have to get one!

What I really want to know is: Where is the Thorin Lego!?

Love the Bofur Lego, but where is Thorin?

Now this is just wishful thinking, but I hope there will be one of these:

You know you want one! 😆


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7 thoughts on “Time To Raid The Piggy Bank

  1. I remember having a Rainbow Bright doll 🙂 I’m not sure I’d go for the Thorin bust, but I’d love a Bobble-head Thorin! It would be like he’s talking back at me LOL!

    • Yeah, while the bust and statue were crafted to look so much like RA as Thorin, I can’t imagine actually getting one (don’t tell, but I really hate dusting). But a bobble head would just be fun. LOL, about it talking back to you!

  2. As much as I love Richard Armitage, I won’t be buying any of these dolls. What the heck would I do with it? It would be another thing to dust.

    • I agree about the dusting issue, Xenia. I’m not a big fan of dusting myself. I have a couple of other bobble heads, so I think it would be fun to add a Thorin to the collection.

  3. Judit

    The Gentle Giant one doesn’t look anything like Richard’s Thorin! I’m with Xenia on this one, I’m not going to buy any of these dolls! I’m thinking about getting a Thorin mug made though! 😉

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