Hobbit actors being awesome!

I’m so excited to see The Hobbit, shocker I know. Between loving the book and being a fan of several of the actors (chief among them Richard Armitage) I can’t wait for the movies to come out. But when we get info about the cast doing cool and kind stuff–like appearing in an indie bands music video–it makes me long for the success of the movies in a way that has nothing to do with my desire for a great movie. Rather, I just like to see good things happen to good people. Appearing in a music video is probably a small thing to the actors, but for Claud Rains it means international exposure. Very cool!

You gotta love TORn for keeping us up to date on this kind of stuff. Oh, and the song is crazy catchy!

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5 thoughts on “Hobbit actors being awesome!

  1. That is very cool and love the song! Fab!

  2. Wow. I really love this. A lot. Watching these guys – all I could think was, “wow, what a bunch of adorable idiots!” and I mean this in the most appreciative way – kind of like how sweet boys are when they are in the 2nd grade. 🙂

    • Your “adorable idiot” comment cracked me up! They are definitely just goofing off and having a blast. It is so fun to watch.

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