Thorin Oakenshield: Badass

I’m sure everyone is squeeing over the new EW photos! The Hobbit is the only reason I’ve kept my subscription and I can’t wait until I get my hard copy in the mail. 🙂 There are some great pictures available on the website.

These are my favorites:

Gotta love it, even if RA is a bit blurry!

Sir Ian still has it!

This is so fun. I suspect the barrel scenes may end up being highlights of the films.

But the best image has got to be the Thorin one. He looks so kingly and yes, badass!

Major squeeing going on here!

Thank you EW Magazine! You’ve made this Richard Armitage and Tolkien fan very happy!

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14 thoughts on “Thorin Oakenshield: Badass

  1. It’s a fine pic of Thorin and his sword. 😀

  2. NZfanofRA

    Wow. The costume is fab, and that sword is amazing. No doubt RA has been very happy to have had people working as thoughtfully and thoroughly as he does.

    • The costume really is fab! It will be so great to see him in a production where every aspect is given such detail–costumes, script, set design. I’m in fangirl heaven just thinking about it!

  3. Snicker's Mom

    I think you picked the best pics. 🙂 I really like the ones in the barrels. This makes me so excited for the movie. I can hardly wait to get the details from Comic Con.

    • Don’t tell, but the barrel pic is my favorite (even over the RA one). 😉 December still seems like a long way off, but I can’t wait for the movie! Comic Con should provide us with some good info, I hope.

  4. The barrel pic is hilarious, but I’m really lovin’ the Thorin shot. *swoon* I saw it on bccmee’s FB page and my jaw hit the floor!

    • The Thorin shot is really fantastic. In just that shot he exudes the gravitas and kingliness I’ve always associated with Thorin (although I never expected Thorin to be quite so handsome).

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us Jasrangoon. 🙂

    A friend send me this morning the Thorin pic while I was reading a book in the bus. It makes me smile for all the day… 😉

    • It sounds like you have a good friend who knows what you need to start your day right!

      • Oh yes, she knows, lol.

        It’s Fred, the one whom with I have done the photoshoot with Little Guy. 😉

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