More Disguises

After the last post about possible disguises Richard Armitage might be wearing, it occurred to me that he has narrated quite a few nature documentaries. This made me think of a few more disguises for him. So without further ado:

Forest Elephants: Rumble in the Jungle was the first of the nature documentaries he narrated. So maybe he should walk around with this mask.

Next was Lost Land of the Tiger. The feline look works for him!

Elsa: The Lioness Who Changed the World wouldn’t mind RA to be her lion. After all, he does a mighty fine RAWR!

Doesn’t he make a cute Lemur? Just like in Trouble in Lemur Land: Phantoms of the Forest, Eden.

Then there was the last nature documentary, Leopards of Dead Tree Island. If I do say so myself, he makes quite the fetching leopard.

Looking back at this I guess I didn’t realize he’d narrated so much stuff with wild cats. Makes you wonder if he’s a cat person. Anyway, what do you think? Plausible disguises? Which one is your favorite?

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6 thoughts on “More Disguises

  1. I want to see the costume for The Great Sperm Race.

  2. servetus

    You’ve definitely put your finger on something here: he has a real feline affinity!

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  4. Bravo Jasrangoon !!! 🙂

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