Are you kidding me with this?!!!

I was on Facebook a little while ago and saw where a link had been posted to vote in BBC America’s Anglo Fan Favorites: Men of 2012, Round 2. Well, naturally being the Richard Armitage fan I am, I decided I should vote. But then I clicked the link and found this image:

What are they thinking?!?! That is really the pertinent question here. Round 2 and they are pitting Richard Armitage against Tom Hiddleston! They should be in the final round against each other (or at least several rounds closer to the final one).

Okay, I’ve finished ranting now, and of course I had to vote for Richard. Hiddleston is after all just my bit on the side.

If you are interested in voting and haven’t yet done so, here is the link:

FYI:  Hiddles is currently kicking some Armitage ass.

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16 thoughts on “Are you kidding me with this?!!!

  1. servetus

    I’d like to enjoy this kind of thing, but based on what happened last year and how they handled it, I’ve lost all faith in the capacity of that blog to prevent cheating. Makes it easier to concede that Armitage is likely to go down in flames in this round, whereas he made it very close to the end last year (think he was in the last four?)

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t even know about this poll but for people posting it on Facebook and Twitter. People cheating in such things is mind boggling to me, as if it really matters who wins. Anyway, at least RA will (in all likelihood) go down to a worthy opponent. 😉

      • servetus

        yeah, I’m happier to see him lose to Hiddles than to Cumberbatch 🙂

  2. Yes, looks like RA will go down with or without cheating and, after last year, it is easy to feel a bit jaded but, that said, you still did the right thing Jas all things considered. Maybe next year your loyalties will be different. Change is natural. But not for now. Not yet. 😉

    • Maggie, RA is still my main fangirl squeeze these days. I’m sure at some point someone else will trump him, but that time hasn’t come yet. As much as I like Hiddles, if I have to choose, I’ll stick with RA. 🙂

      • servetus

        This makes me happy just because it saves me having to write another emotional post about the defection of a sister blogger 🙂

  3. Thought about you when voting and how hard it must be for you to decide. It was much easier for me ;o) (no gloating intended.)
    Alone their argument to put the strongest two against each other already in the second round up, shows that they don’t know how to manipulate statistics to at least get an appearance of being objective. So I don’t mind if RA does not make it far. He has our support ;o)

    • servetus

      love this comment.

    • Cdoart, I love that you thought of me when you were voting. Too funny! It did take a brief second there, but in the end I knew I had to stick with RA. 😉 I agree with everything you said about their understanding of how to manipulate statistics…maybe this will provide them the lesson they need for future polls.

  4. Golly Jas,
    We knew that we were keeping your RA membership card safely tucked away for you for a reason. Good job voting for RA! I know that it had to be tough for you and I admire your grit. Ha!
    And I agree that better “power matching” of choices should have occurred so that TH and RA would have competed further down the line. Ah well, that’s life–and the anglophenia blog–for you.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Grati, are you suggesting that I was about to have my membership card revoked!? Heaven forbid!!! 😉 They should have competed further down the line, but oh well.

      • Not at all Jas,
        Re: Your “RA card”. I was just continuing the good natured ribbing that occurs in AW chat. Ha!
        Cheers! Grati
        P.S. Actually, I was trying to think if there would be anyone matched against RA for whom a conflict of interest would cause me difficulties. None came to mind, but I’ll keep pondering that one. Ha!

  5. Snicker's Mom

    Well, I think it goes without saying I had no qualms about who I was going to vote for and I only hesitated for a moment. I did think this would be a match up, but not this early. As codart said, it wasn’t very smart of them.

    • I knew even before I saw your Tweet who you would be voting for! 🙂 Hiddles and RA are worthy opponents, even if it is too early a round for them to be up against each other. Oh well, I’m sure neither of the gentlemen in question care (or even know about the poll).

  6. They picked the two actors that got over 70% in the first round. I’m done clicking, every time I vote for RA, the other guy’s % goes up ;(
    It warms my heart, though, that there were so many votes that the system overloaded for a while. This time next year, I dare say the shoe will be on the other foot!

    • Yes, the poll organizers weren’t really on top of things, were they? Good thing this is just for fun and not something that actually matters! 🙂

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