ReAr appReciAtion…it isn’t just his talent I admire.

There are numerous actors that I enjoy watching–people who have been gifted with the ability to make me suspend reality for a set amount of time. For instance, I love to see Gary Oldman transform into a completely different person for every role he takes on. I appreciate the extremes to which Christian Bale will go to become a character. I love the often quirky and odd characters brought to life by Steve Buscemi. Looking back at a movie like Twister and seeing how far an actor like Philip Seymour Hoffman has come is a pleasure. But the thing is, I don’t sit around looking at pictures of these actors. For me, the appeal doesn’t stretch beyond the talent and the roles.

When it comes to Richard Armitage, he is definitely a talented guy. Every time I get my hands on something I haven’t already seen, I’m excited to see what he is going to do with the role. When I listen to an audiobook, I can’t wait to hear the voices he gives to each character. If he was not talented, I wouldn’t have remained a fan for so long (which isn’t really that long compared to many).

But in all honesty, it isn’t his talent, his work ethic or the fact that he appears to be a decent human being that leads me to look at screencaps and photos on a regular basis. Nor are they the reason my eyes are glued to various parts of Lucas in his tight jeans, or why I stare when Guy, Lucas or Porter remove their clothing. The fact is, RA is a sexy man and I like to look. So, since I’m owning my shallow side (as if you didn’t already know this about me) and RA has a really nice arse, I think we should take a moment to admire it! After all clothed or unclothed, denim or leather clad, it is a sight to behold. 😉 (If RA’s naked bum is a problem for you, skip this slideshow.)

Thanks to Snicker’s Mom, our beloved defector, I also have some mood music to accompany the slideshow. 😉

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Images courtesy of RANet, Servetus and my own caps.

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26 thoughts on “ReAr appReciAtion…it isn’t just his talent I admire.

  1. Hands down, the man has the best bum I’ve ever seen on a man, and quite possibly, any woman. I don’t really look at women’s backsides all that closely. 😉 It’s so—lush. Compare him to Jonas Armstrong–rear and frontal views. Oh, absolutely NO contest. Jonas could be a Ken doll. I’m just sayin’ . . .

    Truly, I think it would be sad not to enjoy one of God’s loveliest creations–Richard Armitage–in all his glory.

    • He does have a lovely bum, doesn’t he!

      There are some actors that I don’t find particularly appealing, but I still understand why others like them. Jonas Armstrong is an actor whose appeal completely alludes me. I just don’t get it.

      I just figure when we admire RA’s fine physical qualities, we’re just admiring God’s handiwork! 😉

  2. servetus


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  4. As I said elsewhere, I want to see him win ReAr of the Year. 😉

  5. I seriously doubt anyone has a problem with RA’s bum Jas, though thanks for the option of skipping the slideshow. I wonder if anyone did, or if like me they are on the umpteenth viewing. I truly enjoy your shallow side 🙂

    • Heather, I’m sure most of us watched the slideshow repeatedly (myself included)! Glad you can appreciate my shallow side, it brings me too much pleasure in life to give up! 😉

  6. Kitty

    What you said. . .

  7. mersguy

    ROFL Magwi, I’d vote for him! Seriously he does have a perfect shaped bottom, just one of his many assets!! ☻

  8. phylly3

    You are a very naughty girl! ;o) But I wouldn’t miss your slideshow for anything! The song was very funny — would have been even better with a female singer!

    • Phylly, it would have been great if a woman sang that song! I’m sure there are a few men who appreciate his bum as well though. 🙂

  9. linda60

    I love this man and his luscious backside (particularly when he’s walking…..) Thanks for this special slideshow of RA in all his glory (as Angie likes to express 😉 )

    • Glad you enjoyed the slideshow! He does have a luscious backside that seems to demand appreciation. 😉

  10. Hi Jas,
    I think you have definitively illustrated that RA looks good coming and going. Was there any doubt? Giggles!
    Though truly, I could drown in RA’s soulful blue eyes while forgetting about his lovely bum altogether–so to speak.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • I think he probably looks good from all angles, Grati! Coming, going, top, bottom, side…their all lovely views. 🙂 The eyes are gorgeous though, one of my favorite aspects of Mr. A’s beauty.

  11. Snicker's Mom

    I enjoyed the slide show! Thanks for focusing on such beautiful landscape.

  12. ms_moa

    love this! would it be too much to ask where these bums are from — particularly the muslin, sun soaked shirt and close up bum+hands? thank YOU!

    • So glad you enjoyed the slideshow, ms_moa! Both of those pics are thanks to Servetus. The muslin pic is from The Impressionists and the bum + hands pic is from Between the Sheets.

      • ms_moa

        hooray! netflix/youtube queue’d!! thanks again!

  13. z13

    So lovely.
    Thank you for making my day brighter! 🙂

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