Please get some new PR people?

Dear Mr. Armitage,

Your devoted fans miss you. We know that you are off in New Zealand, having a fabulous time making The Hobbit. However, that doesn’t mean you have to fall off the face of the earth. Many of your costars have managed to remain in the public eye. That Cumberbatch guy won’t shut up, and Nesbitt? How many interviews has that guy given? Stephen Fry, he’s gotten tons of attention.


It pains me to inform you, but defection has become something of an issue. There are some fans who just can’t handle this drought. Rather than endure the stress of having to make do with past productions, interviews, pictures and such, they have resorted to following other actors. You don’t want to lose too many fans to the likes of Michael Fassbender, simply because he has better publicity, do you? While, I don’t personally understand the Fassy appeal, it is easy to understand following an actors career when there is new stuff to see, read and watch.


Then sir, there is the problem of the poor fans who are desperately seeking information as if it were a mirage in the desert. These poor ladies have gone so far as to mistake images of Aidan Turner for you. Perhaps it is the fact that Mr. Turner actually spoke in that last production video. Whatever the cause,  this phenomenon has been well documented. Given the fact that you and Aidan Turner look nothing alike, surely you can see how severe this problem is. In light of these issues, perhaps you will take pity on your devoted followers.


Don’t miss understand me, we appreciate that you value your privacy, but could you possibly do some interviews, a photo shoot or perhaps just talk in the next production video? Your PR people seem to be failing you. We worry what this lack of exposure means for your career in the future. That being said, perhaps it is time for a change. There are several talented women who have many interesting ideas for getting your name out to the public. Perhaps you should consider them for your PR team. After all, they only have your best interests at heart. 



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22 thoughts on “Please get some new PR people?

  1. 😉 I am still wondering if this is all part of a strategy by Sir Peter and/or Richard’s people to maintain that aura of mystique around the man who is playing Thorin in an effort to heighten the anticipation and interest in the actor. Surely once the the real publicity machine kicks in, we will see more/hear more from him?? I just don’t know.

    Aiden and Richard are both men, but that’s about it as far as resemblance goes. 😉

    • I do think that the difference between Richard, at least what we have typically seen of him, and Thorin may be too much for those unfamiliar with his work. So, he may be intentionally refraining from being in the limelight too much. I do think that he seems naturally shy, and with nothing new coming out, until The Hobbit, he probably just doesn’t want to do interviews and such. I’m hoping he will be doing a lot of promotion closer to the film’s release, but with such a large cast, I wonder if it won’t be as much as we RA fans would like.

      You’re right, RA and AT look nothing alike, although I think the dark long wigs are confusing some people! 😉

      • Actually, do we ever get enough of Richard?? Apparently not, as people are still coming to our blogs even during this drought. 😉 Yes, our gentle, sweet “nourish and nurture” Richard is quite a contrast with a sometimes arrogant alpha dwarf and uncrowned king under the mountain, Thorin. I think the situation during that press conference provided a terrific opportunity to “meet” Richard in Thorin mode, more or less.

        It’s GOT to be the long, dark wigs (and AT fans overly eager to see their boy) that is confusing people. I love AT–I became a fan whilst watching Being Human–but their build, eye color, facial features, teeth–all very different.

        • Is that a rhetorical question? 😉 The blogs help during the drought, I think, because while it is the same pictures, interviews and stuff, each blogger brings a different voice and perspective to the table.

          The press conference was definitely “meeting” RA in Thorin mode. He was very self assured and super masculine when he spoke, not to mention the lowered tone of his voice. I always kind of thought he was trying to give off a certain vibe. As though he was attempting to reassure the doubtful that he wasn’t just a pretty face, but really could pull off the role.

          The AT-RA thing has got to be the drought…people will after all halucinate in the desert when they’ve been deprived of water for too long! 😉

          • Oh, I am ABSOLUTELY convinced it was a carefully thought-out plan for the press conference as far as how Richard looked, sounded and behaved.

            That LBS straining across that broad chest with the sleeves just short enough to show off those beautiful, manly biceps, the experimental beard, the extra-deep voice–and his emphasis on his age and being middle-aged.

            That slight hint of sarcasm in his initial response to that overally generalized question and a definite flirtatiousness coming through, too.(we tend to see that with his female interviewers). The alpha male who is a force to be reckoned with that will make viewers sit up and take notice.

            And you are right, every blogger brings her own spin to the subject matter. 😀

      • UK Expat

        Well, I guess RA is playing Aidan’s “uncle”, right? So supposedly there should be a dwarf family resemblance there? 😉

        Did you know there is actually ANOTHER British actor out there named “Aiden Turner”??

        As opposed to “Aidan Turner”?? Wow, that’s not confusing! 😉

        And his birthday is even today! Like, um, another well-publicized actor with excellent PR agents listed above. 😉

  2. Snicker's Mom

    I co-sign this.

  3. I suspect this recent drought of PR is partly due to Richard’s natural shyness when it comes to doing press, (in the past his interviews have almost always coincided with the beginning of a new season for the show he’s doing or the premiere of a film), and in part his worry that he will slip up and say something spoilery The Hobbit camp will not be happy with. Cumberbatch, Freeman and Fry have been a bit more vocal during this shooting period, but they also have several projects on the fire to promote, (and in the case of Cumberbatch, he hasn’t had to relocate to New Zealand for long periods of time to do his bits). But I think Richard’s PR did a pretty good job getting him some nice coverage during his hiatus last summer. He was hardly a major character in Captain America, yet he was present for several premiere screenings and did several magazine interviews and photoshoots.

    I have no doubt that come fall, we’ll be seeing him everywhere we turn: Entertainment Weekly, Jay Leno, Graham Norton, you name it, they’ll be trying to interview him. 🙂

    And you may be disturbed by this fact, (I hadn’t really thought about it until recently), but Richard’s PR team has likely just read this blog post. If they have set up Google alerts, etc. for him as they generally do for stars, someone on his PR team is at least skimming all posts that come up with his name as a tag, they probably are following the Armitage Daily, probably tracking him on Twitter, heck, they could be one of us in disguise as a fan, gauging our opinions and keeping notes of which ones of us could be potentially dangerous, (in which case I should probably stop mentioning he can stay in my spare room when he comes to LA for The Hobbit premiere – haha).

    • I can’t wait until he ends up on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. I just know it’s coming. 😀

      And you are right, and I have thought of that, too. Richard is shy, and diffident, and eager to get things right, and when you are about to be seen in a few months in your first major role in a very high-profile and eagerly awaited film like TH, you don’t want to screw things up. He’s worked hard and waited a long time for this sort of break.

      I am looking forward to seeing him charm the interviewers when he ends up on the morning shows and chat shows. He is so intelligent, articulate and gentlemanly–and gorgeous.

      • I second what FedoraLady wrote in this comment.

        Richard Armitage is a class act, a consummate professional actor and filmmaker, a nice bloke, and a gentleman when they are in short supply these days.

        My guess is that when this next block of filming finishes in July–if they’re on schedule–then we might see Mr. Armitage’s or The Hobbit film’s PR machine start to kick into gear and get him some high profile interviews. And don’t forget The Ellen Degeneres Show in that list high profile interview shows.

        Though I must say that I also sincerely hope that Richard Armitage also gets a brief respite from work to recharge his batteries by connecting with friends and family and making new friends. Hey, even I took a break from blogging and writing for a few hours today and sat on my deck and planted flowers in pots. They smell lovely. Ha!

        Cheers! Grati ;->

    • This was partially a joke and partially serious. I know that those other actors have had other projects come out, and RA’s natural shyness probably plays a role in the lack of interviews and stuff. But, even if he doesn’t have anything coming out until The Hobbit, it doesn’t seem like a great career move to be so under the radar. That being said, he should do whatever he wants. I just hope that him being so under the radar is his own choice and not a lack of effort on his PR people’s part. (And yes, I suspect there is someone assigned to see what is being said about him…so PR person, get crackin’!)

      I’m am looking forward to seeing him do publicity closer to the release date. But, as I said to FedoraLady, with such a large cast, I’m not sure he will be doing as much promotion as we RA fans would like.

      I think you should keep throwing your invitation out there for him to sleep on your couch, what’s that old phrase…ask not, receive not. 😉

      • Oh, and I am unemployed, have a decade of experience working in the media and I really KNOW my subject matter well–so if you are looking for some help, Richard, just let me know! 😀

        It might be be nice to get some print interview that doesn’t focus on The Hobbit, butt perhaps other aspects of his career and his life–NOT the #$%#$@# circus or the Army. Just to get his name and image out there.

      • I know you were having fun with it. 🙂 I really do think this quiet time is his choice. I think he’s just too busy in New Zealand filming, and hopefully having fun exploring the country or catching up on his reading during his off time. He seems so shy and quiet and happy to stand in the background that I think he’d be happy to not do interviews at all. That’s why I think he probably has a pretty good PR team already because they were able to get him booked to do so much during his month off last summer, that can’t have been easy for them. I find last year’s Hobbit press conference very telling of his quiet nature. Some of the dwarves were quick to answer all the questions, but he would only speak up when they asked him a direct question.

        My guess would be that the movie’s PR team, in conjunction with his own, will pressure him to split the PR with Martin and Ian. I would suspect to see each of the three of them, more than any other actors, covering all the major talk shows and press outlets. I wouldn’t suspect to see the other dwarves as anything other than 3rd guests on some of the lesser talk shows, but Richard, as one of the major characters would be in one of the 1st or 2nd guest spots (e.g. 1st guest on a later night show like Jimmy Fallon or Craig Ferguson, but he’d be possibly 2nd guest on Jay Leno).

        Oh well, we’ll see in 8 months. And I’ll take your advice and keep my offer of spare room open to him. You never know. haha 😉

  4. Snicker's Mom

    RA’s PR people, check out my blog: railment dot com. I’m linked in the post above, just click on documented. You’ll have lots of lovely stuff to examine.

  5. jazzbaby1

    As much as I love this letter I have a feeling that his PR people do have a plan and things are moving along just fine as far as they’re concerned. Look, we’re begging them for more…what more could they want?

  6. gracie

    I think it is all a plan. I think the amount of publicity or lack thereof is a plan. I think that once the Hobbit PR machine kicks into gear, he will be in high demand and I think that he is probably planning/preparing for it all. I also think this is a calculated attempted by the PR machine, with Richard’s blessing to have some control of what gets put out there for public consumption. This is big for him, possibly the beginning of some amazing work ahead, and I think he may want to manage it as closely as possible so that it does not get away from him. He will be internationally famous, so naturally I believe he is would want some control over what will be said about his work, image, etc and at the right time.

    He is shy but he cannot be that shy. In that last PJ blog, he turned his back to the camera. LOL….And at the press conference, he did not act shy. He acted confident. Our RA is maturing and refining his public image.I cannot wait to see what awaits us. It will be so exciting come fall/winter.

    Just my two cents.

  7. I got a huge kick out of this article. Thank you for saying what most of us are thinking! As for whether the PR people are managing him or he is managing them — I think they might be offering him some opportunities to be more in the limelight and he is politely declining. He is probably enjoying his downtime, as it may be the last chance he gets to catch his breath before the deluge of publicity which is guaranteed to ensue once this juggernaut is released to the masses!
    I can understand and empathize, but at the same time I do miss seeing him IN ANYTHING new!

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  9. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I miss Him so much. WE havent seen him in person since Captain America Premiere and that was almost 10 months ago. :/

  10. lovemrthornton

    Awesome post — both hilarious AND TRUE! Get that boy a new PR team, pronto. Of course, it could be argued that he doesn’t need them. Look at this fan base. Astoundingly loyal.

  11. Jane

    I never expected to hear or see of him when he doesn’t have anything to promote. He has never done that, has never drawn attention towards himself and for example never attended an awards show without being a presenter. I am actually not sure how big his part in the Hobbit publicity will be, depends on if he is marketed as one of thirteen dwarves, with all of them getting their share in publicity, or as one of the stars of the movie. I guess he would be happy to step back and let fellow dwarves do PR duties. So I won’t be surprised if we won’t see him in the big chat shows, after all he has never done them, even if his TV fame was enough to entitle him.

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