W.O.W. Did you all see this new article?

Wow, checked my email and this was in my Google alerts!!!! I couldn’t believe it at first, but…

Crazy, right? I know that I’m curious about this mystery woman and I’m not ashamed to admit that I did a little research. I think this may shed some light on who she is! I’ll be keeping my eye out for any further updates to this news story.

Update: And now we have photographic proof! Check it out here.

Another Update: Hey check this out, another article that seems to be tied to this sighting!

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13 thoughts on “W.O.W. Did you all see this new article?

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  2. jazzbaby1

    Wait…there’s ANOTHER news story? Has the Weekly World News gotten ahold of this yet?

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  4. Hope you keep us up-to-date on this fantastic news!

    • I hope this wasn’t just a fluke sighting, bccmee. Hopefully there will be some more news! 😉

  5. W.O.W. must contain a secret code …

  6. How lovely! *wink*

  7. gracie

    Noooooooooooo! I knew i should have moved to NZ and become a dog walker. Oh well, maybe I will switch over to Michael Fassbender.

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