Watching RA with a Teenager: Part 2

The 17 year old neighbor and I finished watching North & South this afternoon. Well, there was no Road to Damascus conversion for her. 😉 Mr. Thornton is still just okay looking, although she thinks the character has a lot of wonderful qualities. I will say this, she was in rare form today with her comments.

North & South from a 17 Year Old’s Perspective: Continued

She comment on how sweet he looked in this scene.

  1. Punch him in the face sir! (This was her response to Higgin’s being ejected from the mill by Williams.)
  2. Ugh, she’s so horrible. (Yes, she still doesn’t think very highly of Margaret.)
  3. She’s so upitty for a servant, she needs to chill! (Don’t we all think this about Dixon?)
  4. Mr. Bell is so cool in his plaid pants, he’s like a hipster.
  5. I took her long enough! (Her response to Margaret acknowledging Mr. Thornton’s good qualities when she urges Higgins to go to him forwork.)
  6. You go Mrs. Thornton, bring her down a peg!
  7. Miss “Hell” is right!
  8. He’s kind of pathetic in a sad, sweet kind of way. (This was her response to the “Look back at me” scene!!!)
  9. Somebody slap her, her brother raised her, such..gah! (I always want to slap Fanny too.)
  10. It just shows how big a heart he has. (After Fanny’s gloating, when Mr. Thorton says, “Thank God Fanny is taken care of.”
  11. He’s so pathetic, like there’s no other girl in the world. (This was her response to, “He was her brother.”)
  12. Margaret and that hat, whew! Can’t she buy a nicer one?
  13. You deserve so much better son! (Her response to railway station scene! What am I going to do with her?)

While the 17 year old doesn’t go for Mr. Thornton, her mom oohed and awed in all the right places. Maybe she’ll be a convert. She did mention something about looking up RA and finding our dear Gisborne attractive. This seems like progress to me! And really, it would take a strong woman to resist the appeal of this:

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8 thoughts on “Watching RA with a Teenager: Part 2

  1. I loved her comments once again. 😉

    Well, I know there were some of Amstrong’s Angels who thought Guy was “old and greasy” . . . but then when you are, like, 13, a scruffy-looking boy band wannabe in a hoodie might very well be “hot.” I am sure for a lot of younger females of today, Mr. Thornton would seem too old and Victorian to find appealing and his devotion to a woman who seems to spurn him at every turn would be hard to wrap one’s head around, too. At least your young friend recognized him as a truly good man.

    But that particular photo of Guy, oh, YEAH–especially after Karima removed the balding troll from the right side of the shot. 😉 Of course, I always find Guy gaw-jus (along with pretty much every other character) but I am a *ahem* mature woman.

  2. No. 13 You deserve so much better son! ROFLMAO
    and it seems she’s going to be a Guy fanatic *happy dance* Sir Guy in all his hotness vs stodgy Mr Thornton…no contest. I’ll run away now before the N&S fans throw a brick my way.

    Her thoughts were very interesting and quite funny. So glad you shared.

  3. She;s got her head screwed on right (mostly).

    Try Vicar od Dibley next. if that don’t work, maybe she likes bad boys, try Moving On. Or action hero’s, try Strike Back!

  4. I think our Guy is always the best way to convert. He is the heavy artillery. 😉 I loved these posts. That girl is brilliant! X-)

  5. Luciana

    Can’t stop laughing… but the girl is not that wrong!!! LOL

  6. While Fanny was annoying in many cases, I always liked the little bit of comic relief she provided. Otherwise, I agree with many of your young friend’s assessments. John Thornton doesn’t really “do it” for me although he is a really interesting character. He’s just not my “cup of tea.” 😉

  7. UK Expat

    OMG, she is HILARIOUS!!!

    I like how ‘pathetic’ is used to describe Thornton not once, but TWICE!! And then she suddenly decides to advance herself in age and wisdom enough to refer to him as ‘Son’!! 🙂

    I also really enjoyed Fanny for her comic relief – especially when she was listening to Jane re-tell the events during the strike. She’s superficial, but you could always count on her to voice her honest opinions! 🙂

  8. fun to get the younger reaction.

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