Watching RA with a Teenager

My sweet little 17 year old neighbor had surgery to remove her wisdom teeth this week. Between the pain and the pain meds, she hasn’t really been fit for school. So, she called me today and asked if she could come over and watch…wait for it…North & South. This was encouraging, seeing as she had already watched it with me once. I actually had some free time this afternoon, so she came on over. She likes to give a running commentary throughout the movie, and since I’ve seen it numerous times, I enjoy hearing her take on it. So I thought I’d share some of the things she said today (about the first half, she’s coming back tomorrow to watch the rest).

North & South from a 17 Year Old’s Perspective:

  1. That Henry guy is going to propose, isn’t he? At least he’s better than Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice.
  2. Mrs. Hale should shut up already, all she ever does is complain.
  3. Gosh, Mr. Hale’s family just don’t understand him.
  4. Oh, I love when Higgin’s rescues her, he’s like a teddy bear.
  5. Fanny is really shallow, she needs to close her mouth!
  6. Ah, Frederick is sooo cute! I really like him.
  7. I hate that Bessie’s sick, it’s not fair!
  8. Mr. Thornton should run the other way, Margaret is a jerk.
  9. They should put their boobs away!
  10. Uh, she is so mean! He deserves way better than her.

Oh, she also informs me that Mr. Thornton is just okay looking. But when she saw the below picture on my laptop she decided that Richard Armitage is actually handsome. Whew, at least I don’t have to worry too much about her taste! 😉

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25 thoughts on “Watching RA with a Teenager

  1. LOL!! I love her comments. The “put their boobs away” one really cracked me up. 😉

    Glad to see she admitted he was “handsome” when she saw that photo. I think he looks like movie star glamourous there, a 21st century Cary Grant. One of my favs. *sigh*

    • The boobs comment is really funny. For the most part in this production there isn’t a huge amounts of cleavage, but then you get to the dinner party and all “the girls” are front and center!

      How could she not think he’s handsome in that shot. He really does give off the “I’m a star” vibe in that pic!

      • Yeah, I would seriously worry about anyone who didn’t find him attractive in that pic. I mean–he is definitely star material there. Back in the day, the decolletage was really the only thing ladies could put on display–you couldn’t even refer to legs as legs, but as limbs–much less show them off. 😉

  2. Oh, and from our modern perspective, you really do want to tell Margaret to wake up and smell the coffee–or the cotton. 😉

    • Margaret’s dislike of him is hard to understand from our modern perspective. I can’t tell you how many times in that two hours she exclaimed, “Margaret is a jerk!”

      Her mom came over and watched for part of the time with us. She would tell her daughter that Margaret was just outspoken. I couldn’t help pointing out that Margaret wasn’t just outspoken, she was ignorant of the issues she was speaking about.

      At least we know how the story turns out…with Margaret finally coming to her senses! 😉

      • Margaret basically had good intentions; she was just rather naive at times with her somewhat limited experience and narrow world view (and her mother drove me a bit mad, too, what a complaining old biddie!) and for us it’s frustrating to see Margaret keep treating Mr. Thornton that way.

        Yes, thank goodness we do get a happy ending now and again with RA. Too few and far between!

  3. Brilliant running commentary and thanks for sharing! 😀 Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • Thanks bccmee. I’ll be typing up her continuing commentary when I get a chance later on. She had some interesting things to day today! 😉

  4. Love this. My 18 year old son just walked into the room and saw his mother and aunt nearly drooling and turned and walked away. I’m proud of this young lady coming back for a second helping of N&S!

    • That’s about how I would imagine an 18 year old boy would handle his mother’s RA admiration. 🙂

      She watched it with me this past summer, so I was kind of surprised that she wanted to watch it again. I of course, will use any excuse to watch North & South or many other of Mr. Armitage’s works. 😉

  5. This is fantastic!! I love hearing about others watching N&S! It’s like I keep waiting for them to faint or get the vapors or melt into a teeny tiny puddle! Hasn’t happened yet. My DiL loved it tho.

    Thanks for posting this. All I can think of is GROOVY. Dates me a bit huh?

    • I was pleased that she liked it enough to want to watch it again. Unfortunately there was no conversion to the RA fandom. Her mom does aww in all the right places at least…I call that progress! As for GROOVY, maybe the word will make a resurgence! 😉

  6. Snicker's Mom

    I thought this was really sweet. PS- Margaret is a jerk and if he’d dump his mom, I’d have him in a heartbeat.

    • She’s a sweet kid. I’m so with you…I would treat Mr. Thornton right, but his mother would definitely have to go.

  7. Hi Jas,
    Glad that you’ve made another convert to RA’s storytelling. It will be interesting to hear her take on the latter half of N&S.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Grati, I’ll get around to posting her thoughts on the rest of N&S later tonight. Let me tell you, I’m not sure how well her thoughts will go over! 😉

  8. mersguy

    LOL Agree with her on 8 and 10! Perhaps RA is a little old for the average 17yr old, so nice of her to say he’s handsome, which he is!! Great story ♥

    • Mersguy, it depends on my mood the day I’m watching North & South if I agree with 8 and 10. Someday’s I really do agree with my neighbor’s sentiments. I do think RA is a little old for the average 17 year old.

  9. I hope you’ll share the rest of her thoughts. Was it recently or a few years ago that she first watched N&S. I’m wondering if being a bit older is making a difference. btw I agree with her Mr Thornton is just okay looking…and Margaret was a jerk. I still don’t get what he saw in her character.

    The photo on your laptop that had her saying he was handsome. Was that your wallpaper or did you have a slideshow running until she saw a photo she liked? I am a nosy cow sometimes, no need to answer, lol

    • Heather, I’ll be doing a follow up post later on tonight. She actually watched it with me this past summer, so it hasn’t really been that long. Someday’s I agree with her, other’s I’m not so inclined. I think it depends on my mood.

      As to the picture, my blog was actually up on my screen, when I opened the laptop to show her something else. That picture is part of the collage banner at the top. She pointed at it and said, he looked handsome there…unfortunately she really dislikes the bearded pics. 🙂

  10. LOL! She makes some very good points! I’m convinced anyone who says RA is OK looking need to get their eyes checked. Time for some glasses, I should thing… 😉 Waiting for more observations!

    • Teenagers are so willing to say thing that the rest of us might think, but won’t voice! You know, she actually doesn’t like to wear her glasses. I don’t think she had them on, maybe that was the problem. 😉

  11. UK Expat

    #1 is really quite insightful! Seldom thought-of comparison between N&S and P&P!

    Hmm, maybe we should have her view N&S again in about 7 years to see if her appreciation for Mr. Thornton’s ‘qualities’ haven’t changed for the better 😉

    I have to agree with her on the Margaret comments. I almost didn’t make it through Episode 1 myself.

    If she likes Rupert Evans, you should have her watch Hellboy, the movie he filmed just before North & South! 🙂

    • I got a kick out of her comparison of Henry and Mr. Collins. The first time I saw North & South I couldn’t help but note some of the similarities to P&P. Having her view it again in several years is a good idea. I don’t think she quite understands how admirable the kind of devotion Mr. Thornton displays is at this point in her life. Margaret isn’t the most likable of characters until later on in the movie (I find her even less likable in the novel), so I can understand my neighbors commentary about that character quite easily. I had forgotten that Rupert Evans was in Hellboy, but I don’t think her parents will let her watch that one. 😦

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