Plumb Tuckered Out: RelAxation

This week has been a blast! But between all the RA fun and my poor kitty cat having surgery, I’m exhausted. With that in mind, I could sure use some RelAxation:

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All pictures courtesy of RANet

This one is in the slideshow too. But, I had never seen this screencap before today and the hair and facial expression made me chuckle!

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15 thoughts on “Plumb Tuckered Out: RelAxation

  1. Oh, I know what you mean. I would be getting up in the middle f the night to read posts. Somehow I didn’t want to wait till morning and be late for the party 😉 Now is time to rest, I agree. Hope your cat is OK and feeling better!

    • I’m sure you are exhausted. At least for me the posts went up in the evening. I hope you at least got to nap at some point during the day! 🙂 My kitty is doing better, he’s snuggling with me as I type this.

  2. Very appropriate collection of screencaps for post-FanstRAvaganza. That screencap of Guy makes me laugh too! I never noticed that one before either. Best wishes for your kitty’s speedy recovery too!

    • Glad you thought the pics were appropriate, bccmee. I thought lounging and sleeping RA’s were the perfect fit for the day after. Thanks for the well wishes for my kitty.

  3. UK Expat

    Ahhh… you always compose such an excellent collection of images to convey whatever thought it is you are putting forward. I hope your cat is recovering! Poor kitty.

  4. Hi Jas,
    You are so right. It’s been a wonderful F3 week! But I’m tuckered out, too! Ha! I would have rested today, But I had to prep Mondays and Wednesday’s posts–they’re scheduled. Yea!

    I love the Thornton sprawled across his desk picture. But all of the sleeping Armitages are charming.

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Grati, it was a wonderful week! I’ll be catching up on a lot of the posts in the next few days. Good for you working on your posts for Monday and Wednesday. I think I may only post when I feel like it this week. I love that pic of Thornton too. I just want to run my hand over his hair.

  5. gracie

    Thank you for the wonderful week. It was great fun.

  6. april73

    Great collection of screencaps. 🙂

    The Guy screencap makes me laugh too.

    I think I will have the same head has Guy is somebody wakes me up in the middle of the night, lol.

    • Thank you, april73! That Guy cap cracked me up the moment I saw it. My hair frequently is in disarray, similar to Guy’s when I get up. 😉

      • april73

        PS : due to some bug when posting comment on WordPress, I have made somes changes with my acount, so the name is yes “april73″ instead of “April”. 😉

  7. april73

    I forgot : I hope your kitty is alright now. 🙂

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