Warning, John Bateman Alert: Watch at your own risk!

Welcome the the final day of FanstRAvaganza 3! I hope you’ve all had as much fun as I have. If you haven’t already done so make sure to have a look at yesterday’s post in the Free Form Chain from Fabo, C.S. Winchester and Gratiana. Also, check out today’s contributions from Ana Cris and Agzy.


Now, I know you’re wondering about the title of this blog post. I was listening to Pandora one day, and the song Last Resort by Papa Roach came on. This isn’t a normal occurrence for me, but I immediately thought, “That’s the perfect song for a John Bateman fanvid!” So, I went ahead and made the vid. For those of you who pretend that John Bateman never existed–that season 9 simply didn’t happen–you should probably just skip past this post. But, if you can stomach a little JB, enjoy the vid! (That’s not really the right sentiment for the downfall of our beloved Lucas, but you get the idea.)

It didn’t really turn out like I wanted, but my computer has been acting up. Maybe I’ll go back and edited in the future. 🙂


If you have missed any posts throughout the week, I would urge you check out this link. CDoart has done a fabulous job of organizing all of the F3 links in one location for ease of access.

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28 thoughts on “Warning, John Bateman Alert: Watch at your own risk!

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  2. I love the John Bateman storyline. He did some of his best acting in season nine! Awesome video thanks!

    • I’m so glad you liked the video! I enjoyed season 9 in the, sitting on the edge of my seat-biting my nails, kind of way. I thought Richard Armitage did a fabulous job as well, especially taking into consideration weaknesses in the script.

  3. wow! great job…I had forgotten a lot of these scenes.

    • @The Queen Thanks for the kind words. I’ve watched season 9 twice, but I had forgotten a lot of these scenes as well. Nothing like making a fanvid to jog the memory. 😉

  4. I’m another in the John Bateman camp. Give me sneaky alpha male JB who loves a kitchen bench and a healthy sex life any day. LOL,

    This is a brilliant clip, sadly any inroads I’ve made with people to the greatness of S9 has now been destroyed in a little over 3 minutes 🙂

    I’m curious to what part you might edit later, I think you perfectly captured all the ‘evil’ acts he committed and his eventual downfall. Out of all he did, it’s sticking the knife in Vaughn’s leg that makes me jump every time.

    • LOL, Heather. I’m sorry I ruined your conversion of people to the JB camp. I’m not sure exactly how I would edited it. I tried some different software that had interesting effects but it kept crashing my computer. So I ended up back in Windows Movie Maker. Maybe I’ll just leave this one and try my ideas on a new vid in the future. 🙂

  5. Hi Jas,
    Since I’m working up to S9, I’ve saved this link to view after it. I’m looking forward to it.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Thanks for bookmarking it, Grati! I hope you enjoy season 9 when you get there and I hope you enjoy my vid when you finally watch it.

  6. I for one really enjoyed season 9. I get the points some Spooks / Lucas fans make, but it is so meaty and RA get’s to flex his acting muscle! And you’re right, the song fits perfectly!

    • I understand a lot of the complaints, some of them I just don’t personally agree with. I’m glad you thought the song fit well!

  7. Snicker's Mom

    Nice video!!!!!! (what I saw of it ;))

  8. Wow, really perfect song for John Bateman. Your editing was excellent! I especially loved the clip choices and the quick cuts. Can’t wait for your next one. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, bccmee! I don’t have any current plans for another vid, but I’m sure I’ll find inspiRAtion somewhere. 😉

  9. This was a wonderfully edited video. The song was a good match too. Looking forward to your next one too!

  10. John Bateman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥ Excellent work, Jas!!! I do not see anything that you would need to change….it’s terrific as it is! 🙂

    • Thanks, itsjsforme! Maybe I’ll just leave this video alone and play on a future vid. I know you’re a JB fan, so I’m glad you liked the vid!

  11. Grammarye

    That was a very fitting music video. I do like John Bateman and his story but it doesn’t fit into my head canon.

    • Thanks for commenting, Grammarye! I can understand liking JB, yet not fitting him into your Lucas canon. You can just view them as totally separate people.

  12. Great video! Loved RA as Lucas and as JB ….

  13. fitzg

    The video was better than watching S9! 😀 (Way better, and revealing of the acting chops) Great editing!

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  15. servetus

    Great song choice, and I loved the integration of the computer screen clips!

    (I am neutral on Bateman. Was not offended by it in the way many were.)

    • Thanks Servetus! When I was cutting clips I really liked the idea of using the computer screen moments, so I’m glad someone else enjoyed that part as well. 🙂 As far as JB goes, I just think people like what they like. I’m not going to embark on a mission to convert anyone to a JB fan. 😉

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