Thorin Oakenshield, Tourist

I included this screencap yesterday, but I love it so much I’m posting it again.

Thorin Oakenshield taking pictures!

Ever since seeing Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring I’ve longed to visit New Zealand, to see in person the beauty that Peter Jackson captured on screen. I can just imagine the excitement of the actors as they traveled to the various locations to film. I would be snapping as many pictures as I possibly could if I had such an opportunity. The actor my thoughts wonder to most on this production is Richard Armitage (in case that wasn’t obvious enough). His work has brought so much joy to my life that I can only wish the best for him. I can’t really explain the depth of my reaction to this image, but I love the idea of Thorin Oakenshield the tourist-that RA is having the time of his life and having wonderful, new experiences. Looking at this image puts a huge smile on my face.

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9 thoughts on “Thorin Oakenshield, Tourist

  1. I think you know this is also one of my favorite screencaps. I mentioned it again in my imaginary letter to Sir Peter today. There is something so–special, The thought that our boy is living his dream and having this great adventure, getting to be the wide-eyed tourist as well as the seasoned actor. Looking to the horizon and feeling as if the sky is the limit.

    Makes me smile. Makes me a bit misty-eyed, too.

    • I think this is probably a favorite screencap for many of us! It really does seem to convey that dreams not only can, but do come true.

      I’ve not had a chance to read your letter to PJ yet, but I’m headed there now. I spent a good chunk of the morning in my laundry room thanks to tornadoes in our area.

  2. Hi Jas,
    Great view! And the the mountains aren’t bad either. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  3. I would love to see New Zealand too someday. I hope Mr. Armitage knows how dedicated his fans are!;)

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  5. Great picture! I am ashamed to admit I didn’t recognize him though!

  6. Phylly, it was the costume that gave it away for me, and I just assumed it was RA and not a double. Although, I’ve seen where some say that they recognize his hand in the picture.

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