Can you spot the difference?

The Institute of Armitage Studies is incredibly full of students who tirelessly devote their time to the study of Armitage photos. With so many students dedicated to observing the minutest of details, I thought this game was appropriate. I’ve always liked those “Spot the Difference” games. So, I made one of my own. There are 5 differences between the two photos below. See if you can find them (some are easier to spot than others).

Feel free to post your findings in the comments. If all five differences aren’t found by tomorrow, I’ll post a pic with the the differences highlighted (Although, I’m quite certain this won’t be necessary.)

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11 thoughts on “Can you spot the difference?

  1. 1.Glass, 2.belt different colour, 3.whatever the white bit is on his jean pocket, (tissue poking out?) and 4. The little light to (our right) of RA’s elbow is a different colour. Can’t wait to read in the morning what it is I missed. G’night from Oz 🙂

    Fun game, thanks.

    • Bravo Heather! Four out of five is really good. The one you missed is the one I expected to be the hardest to find.

      Oh, and check out bccmee’s comment-she found the fifth difference.

  2. The watch band is slightly darker in one than the other. Fun game by the way, thanks!

    • This little voice in my head said that you would be the one to spot the band on his watch! 🙂 Glad you liked the game.

  3. Started looking at the photos, then it turned into staring, then became fixated with the image, transfixed, fascinated… and forgot to look for the differences LOL!
    The picture is way too sexy to focus on anything but his beauty 😉 Wonderful game! Now back to staring…

    • I thought Richard Armitage might be a distraction for some people! 😉 I’ll say this, playing this game is a win win situation…even if you fail to find the differences, you still get to stare at Mr. A!

      • Oh, I’m sorry, was there a task connected to this game? I thought the aim was to sit and stare and not faint 😉

  4. Rosie

    Sorry didn’t notice the differences, just spent 15mins in quiet contemplation looking at him! x

  5. arrghhh, I know two people that will send scorn my way for not noticing the watch cos I always notice the watch, lol. Well done @bccmee, The rest of us will stare at RA’s photos all day until we notice everything. 😉

  6. Where has my Avi gone, help I do exist!

  7. Hi Jas,
    I’m late in catching up on my blog reading. But what a fun idea for a game–intently studying RA. Right up our alley as they say. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

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