Denim Appreciation

I’ve haven’t really had much time or been in the right frame of mind to write up anything intelligent. So, in lieu of a more weighty post, let’s just take a moment to admire Richard Armitage and his jeans.

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31 thoughts on “Denim Appreciation

  1. As you know, me likee Mr. Armitage in denim. 😀

    • I think those of us in the Armitage Denim Appreciation Society outweigh those who don’t care for the jeans. 🙂 But to each their own.

  2. LOL I know what that’s like!
    But the lucky thing is with RA all you really need are a few good pick 🙂 These are lovely and I do have a bit of a RA denim fetish (excluding Cold Feet Lee’s denim jacket, can’t get past that)!

    • That Lee denim jacket is unfortunate, isn’t it? Where did they dig that up?

      • I think the idea was that that’s what the “cool kids” were wearing. By the way, Lee is the only man I accept in speedos. Usually I don’t approve of a man in a banana hammock 😉

        • I suppose Lee gets a pass, although I much prefer JP’s tight black shorts (I know I’m comparing undies and swimming attire, but…). I’m not a fan of banana hammocks at all. Probably because in real life, I’ve only ever seen overweight, hairy old men wearing them. Kind of hard to scrub that unpleasant image from your mind!

        • Oh, right there with you on the Speedos. I have said 99.99999999999999999 percent of males should never attempt that look. Richard/Lee is the exception. I could imagine myself going under in the pool (I don’t swim well) from paying too much attention to Lee and then requiring rescue and mouth to mouth, naturally. 😉

          • When I go to my local pool, I don’t open my eyes under water because when a man has a big beer belly, it seems to sink when he swims. None really look like Lee. I should write to the management and enclose some RA pictures to show who I’d like to see.
            BTW I’m no Swimsuit Edition Cover Model 😉

            • My eyes burn to badly if I open them underwater, although there’s a lot I’m sure I wouldn’t want to see anyway! You should send the management a picture. They could post notices, that only men with nice bodies (pics of RA as the example of course) are allowed to wear speedos.

              I’m not even remotely close to being a swimsuit model either, but I also wear an appropriate swimsuit for my body type. No itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini for me. 🙂

              • Before I got Lasik, before going swimming I would take out my lenses, the world would become blurred and I’d pretend if I can’t see anyone, no one can see me! Ignorance is most definately bliss in this case 😉

              • That’s the point, I think, dress for the body you have, nol the one you used to have or wish you had.
                No itsy-bitsy bikinis for me, either. However, having been on several cruises over the last few years, I can attest to the fact there are many imperfect bodies and some of them are wearing the wrong swim attire, sisters and brothers.. 😉

          • When I first started reading your comment about going under…I totally thought you were going to say going under to take a peak! I’m pulling my head out of the gutter now! 😉

            I wouldn’t mind some mouth to mouth resuscitation from Lee. I might even feign unconsciousness for a while after I came around.

    • You’ll notice I didn’t include that jacket! 😉

  3. Can’t stop watching it on repeat. Very distracting. I keep thinking about the wear patterns on his jeans (especially the knees) and wondering what he’s doing to wear out those knees so quickly, and if he needs any help. *wipes drool off keyboard*

    • I’m glad your enjoying the slide show! LOL, I hadn’t really given any thought to why the knees are worn out, but now that you’ve planted that seed in my mind… 😉

  4. Jas,

    Re the “going under” I swear that wasn’t even on my mind, and I have a very naughty mind. 😉
    Actually, I am severely nearsighted and can’t wear my contacts underwater (the chlorine really burns my eyes, too) I wouldn’t be able to see much unless I was very, very close . . .

    • I think its my tired mind, Angie. I haven’t slept well the last few nights. My thoughts don’t normally jump to naughty places immediately!

      If you ever did have the chance to get in a pool with Lee you’d need some of those swim goggles Hugh Grant has in Notting Hill. Prescription!

      • I understand about lack of sleep. Been there, done that. I managed to get five hours last night which is better than some nights. I start getting really punchy when I am over-tired. Yeah, prescription goggles would be what iI would need. 😉

        • This ridiculously warm winter means that the trees and flowers are already blooming in northern Alabama. For people like me that means allergies and sinus pressure that messes with my sleep. I’m glad you managed five hours, although I’d wish more sleep for you. Punchy is a good word! I thought the prescription goggles were a good idea. 😉

          • I almost feel like we haven’t even had winter this year. There have been a few chilly days and cold nights, but it’s mostly been very mild. My allergies and sinuses have been a thorn in my side my entire life and I suppose they will be till I turn up my toes Both Benny and i find ourselves waking up not being able to breathe properly sometimes.

            . I hope you get some more rest, too, my dear.

  5. Hi Jas.

    Fun post. If you really want to get a debate happening have you tried the tux vs jeans discuss. 🙂

    I’m going to raise my hand and say I love him in jeans especially if you can clearly see the belt. Apparently I had an undiagnosed leather appreciation. Team the jeans with a leather jacket and I’m a simpering fool drooling all over the screen.

    Thanks for using my 2 favourite belt photos. Porter with the gun and Lucas standing with Maya. If you crop Maya out, your appreciation for that photo will increase tenfold. It’s a photo I’ve often stared at for ages. I know from other conversations elsewhere that I’m not the only one 🙂

    Armitage Denim Appreciation Society, forever now simply ADAS. Am I correct in understanding there are admirers that don’t like him in denim. What odd creatures.

    @IWTBAPU banana hammock, lol. Never heard that expression before, we call them budgie smugglers.

    I’m going to echo @fedoralady…me likee

    • Hi Heather.

      At New Years I did a post with several tux photos. Tuxes, jeans, I’m an equal opportunity kind of girl. 😉 I don’t get the dislike of him in jeans. Apparently it has something to do with him looking out of proportion in most of the jeans he wears. To each their own, I’m a proud member of the ADAS!

      Have you ever seen Friends? Phoebe decides at one point to rename herself and wants Banana Hammock to be one of her names. The rest of them have to explain why that’s a bad idea. 🙂

      • Hi again Jas

        I watched the first season of Friends then only caught the occasional episode or two. I must admit when I read the above posts earlier I did google banana hammock. It is more apt than budgie smuggler.

        The differing view is he looks out of proportion. Can’t say I ever noticed that. Then again I love the thighs so I don’t always notice everything. I’m almost certain he could write his phone number on his jeans below the knee and I’d never spot it. I never look that far down. 😉

        • Heather, I laughed when I read the part about writing his number below his knee! I love how long his legs look in some of the pictures of him in jeans, so I might notice.

          I actually went and looked up budgie smuggler. Didn’t know what a budgie was, but I do now. LOL

  6. Jael

    Well, my twin, here is where we differ. I don’t care for him in most of his jeans, they’re either too tight, too loose or the wrong cut in 95% of instances. I also have difficulty finding jeans that fit my body well, so I try not to be too harsh on him. However, with his current income and the fact that looking good is part of his career I feel he should try a bit harder, but I may be in the minority.

    • It would be really weird if we agreed about everything, Jael! 🙂 There are definitely some jeans that don’t fit him all that well. I, like you can relate to that. I wouldn’t be surprised with The Hobbit and all the promotion that will surround it, if his people will insist he get a stylist. Then he probably will be in clothes that fit his body well.

  7. Hi Jas,
    A lovely selection of images. I know they say that “the clothes make the man”. But in Richard Armitage’s case? The man makes the clothes. Sighhhhh!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  8. fitzg

    Definitely in the denim brigade! (Pants, anyway) SPEEDOS!!! NO. About as charming as the thong. (Wouldn’t be caught dead in a thong, myself. Even if I had the requisite contours. 😀 )

    • Fitzg, I completely agree about speedos and thongs. I don’t care how nice a body you have, put a little bit more on for going out in public! Not sure I should admit this, but I cringe a little even seeing RA in a speedo-and we all know how nice a body he has.

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