Word of the Day: Urban Dictionary Style

Angie has been doing a series of posts over at The Armitage Effect that include a word of the day. Well, today inspired me to follow suit, but I shall being doing so Urban Dictionary style.

Earlier this evening I was shown a picture of Sir Guy of Gisborne sporting stubble on the verge of becoming a beard.

So fetching, even when dirty and dishevelled.

When shown this quite fetching picture, I was told you could go with a contraction of beard + stubble and call this length of growth “bubble.” While definitely a decent option, it didn’t strike me as manly enough for Richard Armitage and certainly not for Sir Guy. So I went in search of an alternative word, via Google. Thanks to the Urban Dictionary I learned this word: scruffle.

Here are a couple of the definitions:

  1. The length of the hair on a man’s face that lies somewhere between stubble and a light beard (scruff).
  2. To rub one’s beard against another’s skin (usually the neck or face) to show affection.
So class, here is an example of scruffle used in a sentence:

“Sir Guy can scruffle me with his scruffle any day!”

Now it is your turn to use our word of the day in a sentence. 😉 
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10 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Urban Dictionary Style

  1. That scruffle definitely suits Sir Guy! I need to add that to my spell-checker. 😉

    • Scruffle is definitely a great word! Gotta love the Urban Dictionary. I need to add it to my spell-checker as well (I hate all those red lines that kept popping up under the word.) 😉

  2. Kitty

    My Prince always sports scruffle on the night shift, however, the night shift leaves little scruffling for me. :/

  3. On the whole Angie’s words are too difficult for me to remember and use later on. But scruffle is definately one I can get on board with!
    Scruffle- Lucas scruffle, Guy scruffle, Porter scruffle… Lovely image 🙂

    • Scruffle does have a certain ring to it that makes it stick in your head. Yeah, I’m not picky about which chaRActer sports the scruffle either! 😉

  4. And ladies,
    The skin exfoliation benefits abound when our guy’s (little g)–or our Guy’s (RA)–lips meet ours. Skin care regimens could never be more fun than this–a little scruffle and tickle. Ha!
    Can you tell my headache medicine has kicked in? Cheers! Grati After Dark ;->

    • Grati, I think scruffle is the best exfoliation method. Why would we ever pay for exfoliation products or treatments when we could engage in some scruffle for free? 😉

  5. mersguy

    Another reason I like the w/ends so much, husband’s get some scruffle on!
    And yeah GoG, Lucas and all the John’s can scruffle me anytime!!!

    • I’m totally with you mersguy, any of those delicious chRActers could scruffle me any time the like! 😉 Husband with scruffle sounds like a treat.

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