30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 28

Your favorite character outfit:

When thinking about which was my favorite character outfit, my first thought was, “SCARF!” I actually had to go back and look at pictures of Richard Armitage as John Porter to see what other articles of clothing make up the rest of that outfit (hard work, I know). Apparently there is some khaki and a vest. Whatever, I came to the conclusion that he could be wearing ratty, stained up sweats for all I care! As long as he has that scarf on, it’s my favorite outfit. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 28

  1. Such a good look! No one has ever made dust, sweat and blood stains look so darn good 😉 He rocks the scarf and I must admit I like his Porter black undies 😉

  2. It is amazing how something that would make another man unappealing, just makes him even more attractive–the dust, sweat and bloodstains. Maybe those black undies should have been my favorite character outfit! I am quite fond of them as well. 😉

  3. Any John Porter look is my favorite. The view is lovely! ♥

  4. Virna

    Ummm…. difficult choice…. right now I’m going through Strike Back’s phase so my decision is heavily influenced by that, I love men in uniform, and if we add RA, is almost unbearable…

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