30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 24

A cameo role you would like to see:

Does he have any cameo appearances? Quite honestly, I don’t have any desire to see him make a cameo appearance. He has said himself that we’ll never see Richard Armitage appearing as Richard Armitage. I like that attitude. There are far to many actors who love the fame as much, or more than the work. Part of why I like RA so much is that he really does keep his life private–which keeps the mystery and by extension the fantasy alive. Also, I enjoy watching his interviews, largely because I like seeing the contrast between who RA appears to be versus the characters he portrays. But, when I watch him on screen, the magic is in how he so wholly becomes whatever character he is playing, so a cameo really holds no appeal for me.

Now, pictures of the man in real life…those I like!

Picture courtesy of RA Net

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16 thoughts on “30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 24

  1. I love that set of candids. The llittle cap, the expressions on his face (and on the faces of the girls he is giving his autograph) . . . in a culture where the Kardashians–who certainly aren’t famous for their talent– tweet every time they take a dump, a true star such as Richard, a person of genuine talent and intelligence and goodnesis–is like a breath of fresh air.

    I have no desire to see him in cameos just for the sake of seeing him–I want to watch and listen to him give breath and life to yet another character as only he can do.

    And yes, there is something to be said for leaving facets of your life private . You don’t need to air all your laundry, clean or dirty.

    • They really are a beautiful set of pictures, Angie. Those girls…see, there are young people with good taste!!! I completely agree with you. I want to see him really develop a character, not have some little bit part–even if it is supposed to be an honor.

  2. Given the frantic rhythm he has been working at these latest few years, I’m afraid he’s had very little private life to keep secret or hidden 😀
    However, I respect his decision not to appear as himself in reality TV programmes or similar stuff. (Though I’d love to see him dancing)
    Finally, I too like his pics as himself very much and his interviews are among my favourite RA videos and audio materials.

    • Thanks for commenting, Maria Grazia! I think you may be right about the amount of work he does and lack of private life. Although, I hope we’re both wrong. 🙂 Maybe he will do a role at some point where he dances. I know you are not alone in your desire to see him dance. Part of what I like about pictures of him as himself, is that he is so frequently smiling in them! He really does have a beautiful smile, and it transforms his entire face.

  3. I am going to say something horrid- I really want The Hobbit shoot to be over, so he can move on to another project. Don’t get me wrong- I can’t wait for December, but I soooo want to know what he shall be doing next! I’m sure he has things lined up already- RA, care to share?

    • I’m sure he’s having a blast making these films. But I agree with you about being anxious to see what’s next. I miss having something new to watch him in. 😦

  4. Hi Jas,
    Love the candid man with a hat shot! And RA’s penchant for privacy does lend an air of mystery about him that keeps us intrigued. Good for him.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  5. I would love to see Richard Armitage in a cameo in Downton Abbey. According to wikipedia, “A cameo can establish a character as being important without having much screen time. Examples of such cameos are Sean Connery in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves…” Of course I want RA’s character to be important and not just a glorified extra.

    • I think maybe there is a bit of a cross-over in definitions for cameo versus guest appearance. I was talking in terms of not wanting to see him make an appearance as himself in something. Although, I’m also not keen on the idea of him wasting his time doing glorified bit parts. I’m to selfish in my RA love…I want him to be the star of what ever he’s in! 🙂

  6. Mersguy

    I wouldn’t mind so much a cameo appearance, you could say Harry Kennedy in VoD was a cameo or guest appearance. I agree with Bccmee, Downton Abbey would be a good place to start.

    Something else to throw into the mix, how about advertising? I don’t mean the voice over work, I love to hear his uber sexy voice.
    Well the Hugh Jackman, Lipton tea ad springs to mind. Or Sam Neil meat ads (most likely there just here in OZ) As much as I like Mr Jackman, why do they feel they have to do these ad’s, is it just that they are paying an obscene amount of money?? Granted its quite a funny little ad, but it does make me squirm in my seat. I must be an advert snob, I think Richard is far too talented for this type of work.

    • When I was thinking cameo, I was thinking more along the lines of when someone pops up in a movie as themselves–think Donald Trump. That’s really what I would hate to see him do.

      I think Harry Kennedy was a larger role that a cameo, aren’t they normally only for a minute or two?

      You know, I love that Lipton ad, with Hugh Jackman. If RA did something like that it would appease all of the fans who’ve been longing to see him dance!

      I think maybe doing voice over work is a quick easy influx of cash, that gives actors more freedom to choose their “real” work. Just a thought.

      • Mersguy

        Ok I’m with you now, oh yes, that would be horrible, as horrible as the Donald’s comb over!

        I knew I was going to be voted off the island with that one! (Lipton ad) I just shook my head when I first saw it and immediately thought oh god I hope Richard doesn’t do anything like this.

        At least with the voice over work he can keep doing that for many many years to come!
        Does anyone know if RA has done any voice work for the London Olympics’ ?

        • I think a cameo in my head, was different from most people’s idea, because a comb-over sporting Donald is definitely the kind of thing I pictured.

          LOL, “voted of the island,” I love it! I kind of hope he sticks with the voice over stuff if he’s going to keep doing commercials.

          That is a really interesting question about the Olympics. I actually think it would be kind of great if he did a voice over for an international commercial, I’d love to be watching TV here in the US and all of the sudden here his voice! I’d have to stop skipping the advertisements on recorded shows.

  7. mersguy

    I’ll ask the question on twitter, perhaps some our UK peeps might know. I thought as he did the voice work for the last Winter games in Canada, he might have got the gig again!

    BTW I would love to hear his voice doing adverts on my TV!!
    A friend of mine who lives in the UK gave me the big ARGH, when I dared to mention his voice over work, she said “god he is so boring, he’s on everything atm” after I picked myself up off the floor, I seriously considered no longer keeping in touch after that scathing comment! Hence my reluctance to ask her about the Olympics –lol.

    • Your friend is crazy! I would squeee every time his voice came on the television if I lived in the UK. Asking on Twitter sounds like a good idea since there are so many people to give you feedback. I’m definitely interested in the answer to that question as well!

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