30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 21

A role of his roles you haven’t seen, but would like to:

There are several roles of Mr. Armitage’s that I haven’t seen, and frankly those are the ones I don’t have enough interest in to shell out the money to see. So, I’m going to the future for this choice and saying I’m incredibly excited to see him as Thorin in The Hobbit! I’ve loved Tolkien’s wonderful stories since I was a teenager and LOTR marathons feature occasionally in my home. So, RA playing a major character in a movie I was already dying to see…yes please!

I know dwarves aren’t supposed to be sexy…

Update: Not that I expect anyone but me to care…but I just noticed that this is my 100th post!

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10 thoughts on “30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 21

  1. fitzg

    Oh, he is not in least sexy here. I mean, a dwarf? Giggle, giggle. That thick nose? OK, the eyes seem to remain intact. But sexy?? All right. yes. Reluctantly. Wich was probably Sir pyjama-guy’s intent. 😀

    • At one point, PJ (I love the name Sir pygama-guy, by the way) said that he saw Thorin as the Aragorn or Legolas of The Hobbit. I assumed he was talking about sex appeal. The nose is quite thick, but he still looks mighty fine! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your 100th post. I really do enjoy reading them, so keep on posting!
    Good choice with Thorin, I too marathon LOTR, for some strange reason either at Christmas or in the summer. Can’t wait to throw The Hobbit into the mix. I must admit I am a bit greedy though. I wish they’d stop filming it already, so RA could start on another project 😉

    • Thanks you for the encouragement! 🙂 I’m looking forward to adding The Hobbit into the marathon as well. It will be nice when he has time to do more projects again. That was the good thing about him doing TV, we got to see him on screen more often.

      • Well, I’m just watching the first episode of Strike Back. No one told me about the pen knife. Ouch 😉 Luckily I have some telly projects to catch up on.

  3. I keep promising myself I will (A) read The Hobbit and (B) see the LOTR before December. I wonder if I’ll meet my goal!

    One thing is for sure, I will be at the first public screening of The Hobbit in the front row. Maybe I’ll wear two pairs of 3-D glasses so I can watch RA in 6-D! 😉

    • Since you’ve gone this long without seeing LOTR, you could wait until after The Hobbit. It does come after The Hobbit, chronologically. Oooooh…RA in 6-D!!! That might almost be as good as the real thing. 😉

  4. To heck with the thick nose – once we hear the molten milk chocolate tones of his voice, we will forgive sir pajama guy for making him wear the nose. AND we will hear him sing more of the lovely song we hear in the trailer. C’mon December 14th! @bccmee, I agree with @jasrangoon, it might make sense to wait to see LOTR after The Hobbit to get the chronological perspective. I swear there will be mass swooning when we see RA on the big screen in 3D as Thorin…..

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