30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 19

Your favorite bromance:

John Porter and Gerald Baxter are the clear winners of the best bromance! Gerry drove Porter crazy most of the time, but they had some good times too. Spoiler if you haven’t seen Strike Back: I cried when Gerry was killed immediately following their heart-to-heart conversation. 😦

Thanks to www.richardarmitagenet.com for the screencap.

Bonus: I had to look Gerry up because he also drove Ros crazy in episode 8.6 of Spooks: His name is Ewen Bremner and he played Ryan Baisley.

This image is from TV.com

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4 thoughts on “30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 19

  1. I was sad when Baxter died too. Up till then, JP had accomplished his missions and the series ended on a sour note. Those Brits like to kill off their major characters it seems!

    • Baxter was one of my favorite characters in the whole series. I get why they ended on a sour note, since they were trying to leave it open for a continuation…however JP getting executed wasn’t what I was hoping for. RA needs to stop dying all the time!

  2. I feel like such an amateur, as I haven’t seen Strike Back- not yet nyway, but I do like that photo of them. I remember liking the character of Ryan Baisley in Spooks, greedy little monkey. It’s true that the British seemed adore killing off characters. I don’t mind RA’s characters dying because he does it so well 😉

  3. RA’s had a lot of practice with death scenes. I’ve liked Ewen Bremner’s characters in the few things I’ve seen him in. He was also a side kick type character in Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. The movie wasn’t good, but I remember his character being funny.

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