30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 16

A role you would not want to see him play:

I know that frequently when polls come around about who the next Bond should be Richard Armitage is frequently near the top of the list. I am going to go on record and say that I don’t want him to play James Bond. Don’t get me wrong, the man would look good as Bond. I mean look at how amazing he looks in a tux:

Personally, I just feel like he’s done the spy thing already. So, if he ever does a Bond movie, I hope he’ll be a baddie!

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4 thoughts on “30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 16

  1. I agree, I don’t want him to do Bond either. He’s done the whole spy thing so very much better in Spooks that it would feel like a step back if he did Bond.
    But yes, he does look gorgeous in a tux and he would make an excellent baddie, as always!

  2. angieklong

    He’d be a gorgeous Bond, but I think it would be a step backward in a sense. I would love to see him do something like the Cary Grant role in North by Northwest–action and humor and suspense, the ordinary guy caught up in extraordinary circumstances. I think he brought us a fabulous spy in Lucas North (before TPTB decided to perform a character assassination, of course) and he’d be absolutely brilliant as a Bond baddie. He could be THE best. Of course, that would also mean he’d die again in a role . . . getting a little tired of that.

    • Yeah, I agree that I’m a little tired of him dying all the time. But he plays the baddies so well and he would be great as a Bond baddie!

  3. You are killing me with that tux photo. I do believe it’s one of my favorites. But agree that James Bond would be a bad choice for him. I was watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and every time Daniel Craig appeared I would think- Oh, look, there’s Bond!

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