Queen + Adam Lambert…Yes Please!

I’m going to out myself as an American Idol fan. I didn’t get in on the craze until season 2, and then I was hooked.  Carrie Underwood is from my aunt and uncle’s small Oklahoma town, so we took a big interest in season 4. After the novelty win of Taylor Hicks in season 5, I took a season long break from watching. The show didn’t really win me back completely until season 9. With such amazingly talented contestants like Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, and of course Adam Lambert, this was by far the best season of the show.

The first time we saw Adam Lambert he sang Bohemian Rhapsody for his audition and I loved it! As the season progressed he proved to be such a unique talent. So much of what he did on the show was polarizing. My Facebook page would light up with comments about how horrible he was (most of these were comments made by people from the Southern Baptist church I grew up in–make of that what you will). I frequently drew the ire of such people by proclaiming how much I loved him, how incredibly talented he was, and so on.

When he sang Ring of Fire with a sitar, I was speechless.

His performance of Mad World, brilliant.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfR0JGWX62E (I have no idea why this video won’t show up.)

Then in the finale, he and Kris Allen got to perform with Queen!!!

Adam has performed with them again, since then.

Today I kept seeing articles pop up with headlines about how Adam Lambert is going to be the new singer for Queen. I read a couple of the articles, you can see them here and here. Apparently, at this point, he is just going to be doing some performances with Queen. There is however the chance that they might record together as well, although no contracts are in place. I for one really hope this happens! I think Adam Lambert is a perfect fit to honor Freddie Mercury’s amazing talent. He has just the right combination of theatricality and rock star about him.

I also really liked Adam’s attitude about all of this. He said things like: “The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f—— great songs.” and “It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would’ve been proud of.”  When talking about replacing Freddie Mercury he had this to say: “That’s impossible. The way I’m choosing to view it is that it’s a great honor, and one I’m in no way going to shirk.”

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2 thoughts on “Queen + Adam Lambert…Yes Please!

  1. This is fantastic news!! I love Adam Lamberts voice and a friend of mine is a HUGE fan – seen him twice live – when I showed her Elvira’s Mad World Guy fanvid she bought the complete series of Robin Hood 🙂 last I heard she still hadn’t seen it though ..

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