Chocolate Cake…Anyone know what this makes me think of?

We have a birthday in the family today! The birthday girl requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream for her big day. I know I cook and bake a lot, but frankly, cakes are not my forte. When it comes to plain old vanilla or chocolate cakes I’m sticking with a mix, especially for gluten free–and you can’t beat Pamela’s Products cake mixes. I did however make the frosting from scratch using this recipe. And, since it is a birthday I made an attempt to make the cake pretty. Here is the finished product.

And for any RA fans reading this…did you figure out what chocolate cake makes me think of? If you guessed that interview where Richard Armitage comments on how he’d like to kiss Nigella Lawson after she’s taken a bite of chocolate cake–you would be correct! Give yourself a pat on the back, then watch the video. 🙂

I downloaded this video from and then uploaded it YouTube so I could imbed it in this blog entry. Can someone let me know if that isn’t okay (I don’t want to be doing something I shouldn’t.)

Oh, and I’ll be back with a 30 Days of Richard Armitage post sometime today. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake…Anyone know what this makes me think of?

  1. I’d like to kiss Richard after HE’S bitten a pieceof this chocalate cake you made 🙂

    • That sounds like a really delicious combo, Jeannie! I get first dibs…I did make the cake after all. 😉

  2. Do you remeber that Vicar of Dibley episode where Geraldine dives head first into the chocolate fountain? She says something like: I’m going in!
    Well, if I could combine RA and that fountain, I would be sure to scream: I’m going in!

  3. OK, now I’m disapointed I haven’t see any images of RA covered (at least a little) in chocolate. We’ve seen him chop, make coffee, contribute to a curry… What are the odds Thorin will fall into a Willy Wonka type river?

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