30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 10

Your favorite body part(s):

Was there ever any questions that it would be multiple parts?

Oh, that neck! I think my love for the neck stems from the fact that North & South was the first thing I saw Richard Armitage in. He’s so covered up for the majority of the production, that when the cravat comes off and you can see his neck your focus is drawn to it…at least mine was. 😉

Another favorite body part (although I’m pretty sure it includes several body parts) is his mouth. Whenever I see a picture where he is smiling, I can’t help but smile in response…it’s infectious.

The eyes have always been a big draw. I’m sure lighting, clothing color and all number of factors play in to this…but the color of his eyes as John Porter is gorgeous.

I really like his legs as well, there is such a grace to his movements when one of his characters is running.

This is the last one I promise! I love his hands…more accurately, I love the way he talks with his hands when we see him in interviews. It reminds me of pretty much every member of my family (including myself). 🙂

I’ll stop ogling now!

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