30 Days of Richard Armitage Challenge-Day 3

Your favorite character:

Umm seriously, this is a trick question right? Am I really supposed to pick just one? If I try really hard I could probably narrow it down to three, maybe… So I’m going to cheat (one of the perks of having your own blog)!

John Thornton: He was my first RA love! I could go on and on about this character. But given that JT is the reason so many of us became fans in the first place, I don’t really think it’s necessary!

All that lovely leather!

Guy of Gisborne: Black leather anyone? No, seriously while the black leather is appealing, I loved this character. So many actors would have just played Gisborne as a cardboard cutout bad guy. Not Richard Armitage. I think (and this may be giving myself too much credit) that had Gisborne not been a character with some good qualities (and no, I’m not talking about his bum in leather), I wouldn’t have liked him. But just like Marian, I could see that there was goodness in him. Or maybe I’m fooling myself and I’m just a sucker with a thing for bad boys (I wouldn’t be the first). 😉

I'm an absolute sucker for that scarf as well...forget those hipster boys, give me JP!



I said I would try and narrow it down to three, so I’ll forgo my beloved Lucas and go with John Porter. I mentioned this in a post just a couple of days ago, but I LOVE the contrast between the soldier and the father. That facet of the story gave RA so much to work with, and he gave an excellent performance.


*All pictures are from www.richardarmitagenet.com

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